Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Peek at the Curious Paradigms of the Left

It was just a little one.
After recently completing a rather tedious back and forth with a proponent of the left's ideology, I find the ongoing efforts by Warren defenders to explain away Elizabeth Warren's mis-representations all the more humorous.  So then here is Bernie Quigley mounting his defense of the truth challenged senatorial candidate:
So Warren's claim to be "part Indian" is correct in mythical terms. Every old-school white Oklahoman is in this regard even if this is nominally not true. But it is not a lie to want to be Indian and to imagine your ancestors were.
When Ms. Warren applied for the position at Harvard Law, did she say to them that she wished to be a Native American, or did she in fact state she was a Native American?

Did Bernie ever wish himself to be a fireman or an astronaut?

If Bernie had to undergo an operation, would he find it understandable and excusable to he discover the person that did the operation always wished to be a surgeon, though in fact they were not?

Those nominal flasehoods are a bummer sometimes.

It's as if Mr. Quigley is divorced from the environment in which Ms. Warren made this claim. She was promoted by the university as an example of diversity (in outward appearance and classification only).  She was likely hired for this reason. For Warren to claim she is Native American and Quigley to excuse it as wishful thinking on her part is to be naive in the extreme. Wishful thinking on Quigley's part, certainly, but not on the part of Ms. Warren.  The very notion is laughable, and people like Quigley should be laughed at, and laughed at heartily.

Go ahead.  That's pretty much what I do.


  1. Correct in mythical terms. How many ideas pushed forward by the left are correct in mythical terms?

    Government stimulus programs? The war on poverty? Political correctness?

  2. Now Scott Brown is a big, old, meany according to Warren's new political strategy. Asked how she knows she is an Indian she said “Because my mother told me so. This is how I live. My mother, my grandmother, my family. This is my family. Scott Brown has launched attacks on my family. I am not backing off from my family.”
    Wow. And notice all her named family members are women. It must be the Republican's continuing War on Women. That'll "learn" Brown for taking on a Harvard intellectual. I hope her political advisers are making minimum wage. I'd hate to think that anyone is making more for concocting strategies like this.

  3. It's such nonsense, and yet droves of leftoids will accept this, or at least not be troubled enough about it to question it. It's much the same with arguments on population, AGW, the War on Poverty, Minimum wage laws and on and on. I find it tiresome to the extreme, and discouraging to see so many people taken in by it. I can see at least partly how April might be tired of being brave. But she is certainly not one for hiding in the woods, for heaven's sake!

  4. Liealotha Warren wouldn't even be registering in the polls in a normal State. Beside her decade-long record of lies an deceit, she has lied--not once--but multiple times since. Both to the Press and voters. Like that she checked the box to befriend others like her--even though she never once attended one of the monthly Indian events at Harvard that are part of the University's founding charter.

    Any business hiring a Harvard graduate (or Columbia or Brown) needs to get sued by shareholders for breach of fiduciary responsibility.

  5. If this were a Republican, she'd be trampling over the rights of Native Americans and it'd be a continuation of Manifest Destiny and how white Americans are stealing even their ancestry.

    I know, I know. File it as complain #1012 under "If this were a Republican ..."

  6. Complaint #2,147,483,648
    That 2**31, if memory serves me, btw.

  7. Walker wins!!!!

    Democrat's new civility.
    Same as the old.

  8. And he won big!

    A 7% win is huge. That's about the same as Obama's win over McCain. And Walker did that after all the effort the SEIU and other union types put in, all the abuse of the occupy the state capital effort and the busing in of union types, just baloney! And all the bullying and threatening of Republican legislators, and the effort to take down Lt. Gov Rebecca Kleefisch - the union efforts were grotesque. Those union creeps deserved to lose, and lose big. Great, great news!

  9. Are you on a writing strike until Bede puts up a new post?

  10. No, Darrell, I'm just buried. We are moving our place of business, and I have been trying to run the new place and the old place at the same time, plus a lot of work associated with the move, so I have had little time to write, but if I did ... I would be writing about that asshat Eric Holder. What a clown. And his president boss is right in there with him. These fools have utter contempt for our laws and institutions. And have you seen the president asking to give a donation to his campaign rather than give a young couple a wedding gift? Because, you see, he needs it more. Can you imagine a more self absorbed man?

    1. Good to hear everything is okay with you. I've missed your posts!

  11. I think we should pledge all gifts our Dear Leader--birthday, anniversary, that iPad your daughter wants. And while we're at it, let's embezzle at work. Eric Holder will have your back if it is all for The One. The next bank robber that gets caught should try that. It worked against former Illinois governor George Ryan. Some of the clowns in the Drivers License
    bureau were arrested for selling licenses--which they had been doing for years and taking in $30-$50K each--and were caught with a program set up by Ryan when he was IL Sec.of State. Their "defense" was that Ryan "made" his employees buy like three $35 fundraiser tickets each year. That's why they "stole" $30,000. Of course the leftwing newspapers/local TV ate it up. All Ryan's fault. Never mind that all the Democrats in Chicago, the County, and the State did the same. One of those licenses was bought by an illegal alien whose rear bumper fell off a truck that he was forced to drive and that bumper was rolled over by a minivan filled with a Minister, his wife, and many kids. It caught fire and the kids died. That was George Ryan's fault, too. Murder.

    So rob that bank today--for Obama!

  12. Anything else would just be Selfish.

  13. Cathy and James, mostly Cathy because you don't mind streaming video--Did you see that Neflix has the complete collection of Foyle's War available for streaming, all seven "series"? The way PBS shows them, even I didn't see them all and certainly not in order. It is a joy to have them all so accessible. And even you, James, could find time to treat yourself to a random episode once in awhile. It's a better restorative than almost any 95-100 minute diversion you can come up with. One warning, Cathy, I'm pretty sure that you will find it addictive. But that only 37 hours or so total (22 episodes) and it's a lot more fun than a typical workweek.

  14. We had joy, we had fun, we had "series" in the sun?

  15. But the wine and the song
    Like the "series" have all gone

    I do understand why you Brits take the short view. We're learning to do that as well with King Putt at the tiller. But Foyle's gets another season in the sun after a six-year "planting" with three episodes of number 8 on the way for 2013.

    Btw, Bede, you were the instructor in a "short course" I put together at another site--The Conservatory on June 7th.

    It was really about introducing a few new folks to your digs and it would have done so if anyone read it. I should have dug into my private collection of naughty Oxford librarians. Perhaps next time.

  16. Thanks Terrence. I may get things settled down in a week or so. I felt disheartened and devastated by the Supreme Court, with its curious reasoning by the majority opinion holders and its particularly curious chief justice. The OMA, being the short sighted yahoos that they are, were predictably happy with the outcome. Good grief.

  17. OK. Where's Cathy now?
    She usually responds within a few days with something like the above. Why doesn't the world work anymore?

  18. We're working, we're working. She's around here somewhere.

  19. You know, you're right, Darrell. Where is Cathy? Or perhaps more to the point, how is Cathy?

  20. Perhaps Cathy is on vacation,
    lounging on a tropical beach somewhere,
    sipping fruit-laden concoctions of her own design, being feed peeled grapes by strapping lads and fanned by maidens with ostrich-feathered polefans.
    Perhaps. It could happen!

  21. No such luck, I'm afraid, but I'm enjoying the image tremendously!

    I haven't meant to be anti-social, just awfully preoccupied with matters domestic and otherwise.

    Politics, and the fact that the world works less and less, are just too depressing to discuss.

    The one episode of Foyle's War I saw some time ago was pretty good -- maybe it's time to start at the beginning!

  22. I'm glad the "Bat Signal" worked, Cathy. We need constants in this world. And connections.

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