Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jonas on Distinctions

George Jonas reflects on the left's focus on identity politics and privileged grievance groups.
One of the worst things about identity politics is that they encourage individuals to define themselves by their least important attributes (sex, race) rather than their most important ones (intellect, character). Identity politics expect people to choose role models who are of the same sexual or ethnic or socio-economic background, rather than the same interest, moral outlook, or intelligence.

What nonsense. As a 12year-old, I picked powerful Porthos as my role model from Alexander Dumas' novel The Three Musketeers. I cared little if he was far removed from me in ethnicity or socio-economic status, to say nothing of period, class, and lifestyle. I chose the portly musketeer as my role model, as no doubt thousands of other 12-year-olds did, because of his courage and loyalty. What I admired was his unthinking readiness to draw his sword for his comrades. His ethnicity mattered as little to me as his blood type would have, had the eminent story teller provided it.

I love that guy. And I have to read the Dumas classic. But you can read the whole Jonas piece here.


  1. A lot of women do not like me, as I refuse to define myself first as a woman and secondarily, as a human. It is antithetical to the notions of feminism and empowerment to say that as a woman, I am not really a human or a person, but a woman, and only men can be persons first. The only way to truly empower yourself is to not care, first and foremost, and understand that if you care, you give other people license to care, and that will not behoove you.

    The Iron Lady understood this, and lead a great country.

  2. Roxe, thanks for stopping by. Great comment. Loving your blog. Good on ya!