Monday, May 7, 2012

Fijian Tribal Elder Weighs in On Liz Warren

The Happy Warrrior once again has fun at the expense of the aimless Elizabeth Warren, whose foray into multiculturalism decades ago has caused such interest in her take on diversity and self promotion:
Elizabeth Warren, who can’t understand why anyone could possibly get the idea she’s been passing herself off as a Cherokee for most of her adult life. Well, maybe they got if from Harvard’s daily newspaper. From 1998:
Harvard Law School currently has only one tenured minority woman, Gottlieb Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren, who is Native American.
This may be the drollest diversity scam since an Englishman called Archibald parlayed himself into global celebrity as the Ojibwe Indian “Grey Owl“.
Steyn's a crack up. Read his whole peice on the matter here.


  1. A friend of mine decided a couple of decades ago to claim he was American Indian. No one has ever blinked an eye at that.

    I wonder if we'll see growing "diversity" in the American population as people figure out that you can claim anything you want. My HMO is now asking people to declare their heritage. Apparently this is the perfect time to find out (I'm 1/256th Cherokee) or invent a colorful heritage. Heh.

  2. Do you get anything for having immigrant ancestors from Italy, say around the turn of the century, or Irish ancestors from a tad before that?

    Oh wait, those are all privileged groups. How could I forget the idylic life of the tenent farmer of sunny southern Italy that we gave up for a new beginning here in America? Or those happy, carefree days in Ireland, where the English were so kind in showering my Irish forebears with such loving care and attention? Yes, nothing but wealth and privilege.