Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Piers Morgan is a thickly Stupid Man

Hee - haw... hee - haw!
Being from across the sea and not having any historical experience of having to deal with a government that doesn't allow you representation when it decides what to do with you, it is understandable one would have no appreciation for the idea of leaving power in the hands of the people. Nevertheless, we do have friends from across the sea, and we know it is possible for them to at least sense that our cultural past is relevant to us today. Not so for this stupid little twit of a man, who not only is ignorant of the political issue, but deems himself justified in insulting the guests he invites onto his show, ostensibly to have this very discussion:
Mr. Pratt was making the argument that what America needed was more guns, not fewer...
Unable to demonstrate the patience to allow his guest to make his point, Mr. Morgan erupted:
“You’re an unbelievably stupid man, aren’t you?” Mr. Morgan said.


  1. No point of view that disagrees with The Party's agenda will be acknowledged or allowed. Furthermore all parties must stipulate that such positions--and those that hold them--are not just stupid, but indicative of a pychological/mental disorder and deficiency.

    Ask Bedes if they want Piers back. I'd duck, just in case.

  2. I know, the contrast is amazing. But what Piers is speaking from comes from his strongly held belief that his "right thought" opinions are beyond question. Such a view is inherently narrow, pig-headed and simple. The bottom line is that people that think like this are sheep, and Piers and his ilk should be impugned and laughed at till it hurts.

  3. One of the few times I was ever disappointed with Ann Coulter when when she was on his show and he spouted something about Conservatives here lying about the Nazis and Fascists being Left Wing--when "everybody" knows they're Right Wing-- and she just let him get away with that. I know that she knows the subject matter and she should have pounded him into the ground with one of her patented responses.

    Piers is one of many. They all have to be laughed out of the debate and public airways.

  4. Merry Christmas to you, James, and your loved ones and the whole gang here!

    I'm so exicted that Matthew Coniam and his lovely bride are going to review Possession any day now! I can feel it!