Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Victor Davis Hanson Nails It

The left is in a tizzy over criticism of UN ambassador Susan Rice. "There is nothing wrong with what Rice did. She simply had wrong information. It happens." But of course that misses the point. She had good information, she just didn't share it with the American people. And with Barry the healer at the wheel, all of this plays out on racial lines. In fact, race is inserted into the question, with no small amount of help from the media, because it helps deflect criticism from the poor behavior of the Obama White House in general, and Susan Rice in particular. To that Victor Davis Hanson has written a prescient piece:
But in the era of Obama, almost everything can be connected to race. So it was not long before the Black Caucus, the Washington Post, and liberal columnists alleged that racism and sexism drove Rice’s neo-Confederate detractors. President Obama, in his now-accustomed Skip Gates/Trayvon Martin posturing mode, also did his best to inflame the tensions, as he dared critics to come after him instead, as if they were bullies out to pick on a vulnerable black woman — and as if the president himself had not hidden behind Rice, throwing her into the public arena in the first place and then refusing to offer any details of his own reaction to the attacks that might have fulfilled his taunt by redirecting scrutiny onto himself.

There is sexism and racism in l’affaire Rice — but sadly it is all originating from the Obama administration and its supporters.
Read the whole thing here.


  1. The whole Benghazi affair is a mystery to me. It's not what actually happened--that has come out in drips and dribbles since. The mystery is how it's being reported and analyzed. Everyone ignores what has come out--about the secure communication system in place were the first messages of the attack were sent. And the video that was streamed from the Benghazi embassy in real time and watched at the State Dept. in Washington, D.C.--and presumably at the intelligence agencies. About the predator drone video of the attack--again watched in real time. And all the details of the attack and valiant effort to fight off the attackers--60 dead and the mortars lit up with a laser target designator. The mystery is how everyone talking about this now forgets everything that was learned. They always revert back to the original bullshit put out by the now proven liars in the White House--proven by the details that did emerge. The only mystery regarding Susan Rice is whether she knew she was spouting bullshit or not. We know enough to say she would have said what she said regardless, being a good little Nazi and all--her career makes that clear. And through all this mess not one person shines a light on Barack Obama. He is supposed to exist somehow above and clear of all the mess and lies. But the military/diplomatic warning system has him as the recipient of the attack notification. And the system that is greenlighted by standing order has him as the only person that could issue the stand-down order. And has him as the person that would surely know what actually happened. And conversely that the story put out by State and the White House was false--by any reasonable person's assessment. No. Don't ask questions. Forget what was learned and always start from the point that we know as contrived and false. And go on from there. Journalism and fact finding in the post-Constitutional totalitarian age. Got to love it! Now with even more truthiness! Get it while it's hot!

  2. Oh, man! I've got to get my Recent Comments gadget back up. That was stellar, Darrell!!