Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Congressman Welch wants a hand in bonus money

I'm sorry boys and girls, but the notion that the government needs to overturn business contract agreements to "protect" the tax payers is an utter joke. These guys are spending tax payer money like drunken sailors. In fact, to compare the two is an insult to drunken sailors. The vast majority of the "stimulus" was pork, which increased the debt, put the government in the position of picking winners and losers, and did nothing what-so-ever to improve the nation's economy. In fact, it removed funds from the private sector, which already knew how best to use them, and transferred them to the government, which did not.

Welch, what a joke. These guys are outrageous. Peter Welch (D-Vermont) has no idea how what he is doing harms the US economy. It is a joke that this clown would be allowed this kind of power and influence. What does he know? On what basis should we the people entrust such decisions to such a pretender?

Worse, the new activities further undermine any sense of stability. How can you make agreements to secure working arrangements if the government will then come along and STEAL the money. It reminds one of that creep in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, who recently devalued his nations currency while not allowing price adjustments.
President Hugo Chávez has ordered Venezuelan troops to raid shops and businesses that raise prices today in the wake of a big currency devaluation.

"Right now, there is absolutely no reason for anybody to be raising prices of absolutely anything,"

What do you think resulted?
"Venezuelans went on a shopping spree over the weekend, with queues stretching outside shopping malls"

Do we really want the Federal government to act in the same manner as a South American dictator?

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