Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oregonians giddy over their killing of the Golden Goose

Oregonian's took a big step backwards last Tuesday, affirming that the State legislative body need not be fiscally responsible.

In passing special Measures 66 and 67, Oregonians chose to turn their back on the basic principle of equal treatment under the law. They also chose to further cripple Oregon small businesses by increasing their tax burden as well. This was done with much cheering and celebrating amongst Oregon's state employees, thrilled with the projected new found revenues that would alleviate revenue short falls and budgetary non-funding. In their rather myopic view, more taxes means more money for state spending, and more money for state spending means more money for them. Yippey...Yappey...Yahooey!

The economic reality, however, will soon be shown to be quite different. The further fleecing of the private sector will be a negative pressure on the economy, encouraging some to leave the state, others not to enter it and still more to curtail their industry. Thus, a state with over 11% unemployment will surely experience more of the same.

The new changes will further dispossess the private citizenry in favor of the government, discourage small businesses and further depress the economy, causing further 'unexpected' shortfalls. The ultimate result will be the further reduction of state revenues. A shockingly surprising result to the dizzy, heady crowds pictured above.

"The bottom line is the unions bought the election," said State Republican Chairman Bob Tiernan. "It's going to be a sadder day as more businesses leave the state and more don't want to come here."

True enough. Ultimately what Oregonian's said is that we do not mind taxing some of us for things that are the responsibility of all of us. It was a sad day for Oregon, and I am heartily ashamed of us.

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  1. Wakefield Tolbert comments:

    It's always interesting to hear the political and other news from around the nation when it comes to what OTHER states are doing.

    Let's hope that Oregonians don't take the Californication route and decide that the answer to every third question whether on ballot initiative or social problems is: More Government payments.

    Was watching Glenn Beck's show while stopping at a local truck hangout at the Flying J store the other day on one of my numerous interstate warrior travels, and saw Beck had three tax experts as guests.
    They we going over just why California is now in triple digit billions debt due to her unique problems (apparently) with things like immigration payouts in schools to those handy school administrators bring in the big bucks for doing....well.....something, they supposed.

    But what goes for Cally is soon to be for the rest of us. That's my fear in all this. Soon there is no one else for businesses to flee to from Cally, or people to run to.

    I've heard from the few people I know from Oregon that overall it's a great place. Scenic, much of it still wild. Mild temps all seasons, and good people. But sadly the Western version also of Massachusetts libs along in the mix.

    Oy vei...