Saturday, January 2, 2010

What to do?

The Hyacinth Girl has underscored a certain inconsistency on the part of our current president. Following her link to its source we have the following quote from the CIA:
‘One day the President is pointing the finger and blaming the intelligence services, saying there is a systemic failure,’ said one agency official. ‘Now we are heroes. The fact is that we are doing everything humanly possible to stay on top of the security situation. The deaths of our operatives shows just how involved we are on the ground.'

Well, the two are not mutually exclusive. Putting one's life in harms way is not the same as adequately defending one's country. The problem is not with a lack of willingness on the part of our service people and CIA agents. The problem is in a failure to recognize the ineffective and failed policies of the current administration. Investigating and charging CIA interrogators is the result of a political decision implemented to advance the president's domestic agenda by increasing his approval with his supporters at home, while callously leaving those very same CIA agents to twist in the wind. These actions not only wrongly punish those people that have kept America from further attack, but they demoralize our agents and undermine our current efforts to defend the country and keep her citizens safe.

This isn't rocket science, Barry. The reading of Miranda rights to enemy combatants captured in the field to prepare them for a civilain trial here at home makes as much sense as releasing Gitmo detainees to Yemen, with the stipulation that they complete an art-rehabilitation therapy program in Saudi Arabia(?!). It matches nicely the thinking that brings the 9/11 terrorists to a civilian trial in New York City. These are all part of the same kind of stupid.

The CIA cannot keep America safe, Mr. President, because the policies which you have chosen to pursue are incompatible with a successful anti-terror strategy. Your decisions in this regard match your vocal opposition against the Iraq surge policy in their gutlessness, stupidity and political calculation.

If you want to know what is needed, consider giving George W. Bush a call. He's always been a straight shooter.

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