Friday, January 1, 2010

Marcotte misses the mark

Amanda Marcotte attempts to skewer conservatives, and female conservative bloggers in particular, characterizing them as pandering to their male audience:
"Perhaps the most disturbing part of reading female conservative bloggers is the routine scrapping and bowing they do to their largely male audience, and the pandering to those men’s ridiculous fears of emasculation, in exchange for the “you’re not like most women” puffery said readers give them."

Perhaps the 'fear' of emasculation that Amanda Marcotte refers to is the natural tendency for conservative males to view with suspicion their liberal counterparts, whose embracing of the feminist movement is seen (correctly, in my view) as a pathetic attempt at getting some play, at the cost of accepting an ideology that is both aggressively anti-male and anti-feminine. Conservative males look suspiciously upon the progressive characterization of the modern male, who signals his kowtowing to the feminist narrative by driving a Prius, eating Tofu and carrying a purse. This feminized male may be non-threatening and thereby appealing to the feminists, but is that a goal worth pursuing? April Gavaza didn't seem to think so.

Marcotte's own discomfort with conservatives is the more likely impetus driving her commentary. I refuse to take the bit for her. She will have to look elsewhere for someone to model her mantyhose.


  1. You and April (as the female input on such matters, and her opinion is always fascinating to ponder) have this way of putting things so crisply.

    BTW--you're turnaround and redirect of this is a psychological ploy that fits perfectly!

    In other words, just WHAT is driving modern society's descent into all this PC, Multi-Culti (tofu is just the requisite side gear for showing your inner woman while remaining a pansy of a man) crappola that now manifests itself in the feminization of the culture.

    I actually saw an article by that name "The Feminization of American Forign Policy" a few years back in Commentary Magazine. Hope to find it.

    Though I think you've got the gist of all this.

  2. Those mantyhose just kill me, though. What in the world was that guy smiling about?

    Good grief.

    And as great as April is, and that's pretty great to be sure, she is definitely all woman. An interesting, bright and talented writer that is kick ass, strongly opinionated, feminine, caring...and all woman.

    There you go, April. There is my 'What people say about me' quote for you.

  3. you're should be YOUR.

    geesh... I can't type anymore..

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