Thursday, February 4, 2010

How do you solve a problem like Al Franken?

"When I'm with him I'm confused
Out of focus and bemused
And I never know exactly where I am"

Al Franken has been anything but a timid junior Senator cognisant of the political debts he 'owed' following the lengthy recount that had to be finessed to get him his seat, squeezing him in for the Democrats highly cherished sixtieth vote in the Senate. No, he clearly feels quite at ease giving what for to the political establishment of either party, with nary a thought to how he will work with these people in the future.

"Unpredictable as weather
He's as flighty as a feather
He's a darling! He's a demon! He's a lamb!"

In today's latest bruhaha, he decided to let the Obama administration know that he had no idea what it was they were telling the collected Senators before them.

"A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown!"

Al, take a chair. You want to know how he wants the plan worded? What the heck do you think he cares how it's worded? He wants something... anything. He doesn't care what it says or how you do it.. just get it to him.

"I'd like to say a word in his behalf
Al Franken makes me laugh!"

I mean, I'm all for throwing a wrench into the Obamanation of the healthcare industry, but just politically speaking I thought this was all pretty well understood. By everybody in the room! What is this guy thinking?

"Many a thing you know you'd like to tell him
Many a thing he ought to understand"

"In his public session with the senators Wednesday, Obama urged them to “finish the job” on health care but did not lay out a path for doing so. That uncertainty appeared to trigger Franken’s anger, and the sources in the room said he laid out his concerns much more directly than any senator did in the earlier public session."

"He'd outpester any pest
Drive a hornet from its nest"

My God Al, how could you be so dense?

"A Democratic source said that Franken directed his criticism solely at Axelrod.

Franken — a comedian turned liberal talk show host — vowed to keep a relatively low profile when he arrived in the Senate over the summer after a protracted legal battle with former GOP Sen. Norm Coleman. But he has developed a reputation among his colleagues as one of the more aggressive personalities on the Hill."

"He's a headache! He's an angel!
He's a twirl!"

The Dems are fine when he is breaking Senate protocol in beating up Republican staffers, but they will not take to him bucking the leadership openly in a public forum.

"Oh, how do you solve a problem like Al Franken?
How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?"

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