Monday, February 15, 2010

Cheney chides hapless Obama adminsitration

Former Vice President Dick Cheney sharply criticised the Obama Adminsitration over the weekend, underscoring his previous criticisms of the handling of the Christmas Day bomber

Cheney, a chief architect of former President George W. Bush's counterterrorism policy and a harsh critic of President Barack Obama's approach, said Biden was "dead wrong" to have recently deemed another Sept. 11-style attack on the United States to be unlikely.

Biden said his Republican predecessor "either is misinformed or he is misinforming"

"Dick Cheney's a fine fellow, but he is not entitled to rewrite history without it being challenged. I don't know where he has been."

This from the senator that said the surge wouldn't work and that did everything in his power to undermine the efforts of our military in Iraq.

It is always interesting to place the two Vice-President comments side by side and contrast them.

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  1. Now wonder the Left utterly hates Cheney. He pops all their common pieties about Repubs and conservative operatives being pure dumbasses, and he keeps tossing the flaming arrows back in their direction. Bully for Dick.