Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah Palin knows a good deal about Tea

Sarah Palin displayed her obvious appeal to regular folk at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, February 6th. Ms. Palin, who has previously demonstrated herself to be the only person who could put a pulse on the McCain campaign, struck a chord on conservative issues and was warmly embraced by the crowd.

"She also promised to support primary challenges to unseat sitting Republican office-holders who were part of the 'establishment'."

Oh yeah, no party hack here. Go to the right or get run over. I like this gal...and the Dems and Republican party elites are worried.


  1. Six words to cue her during her speech? Seems to be comfortable with her topics.

    And to write it on her hand - there is an 'everyman' quality and confidence to her that clearly puts off the political elites and the media establishment.

    If this kind of person 'cannot' run for elective office, then we are no longer a country of the people, by the people, and for the people.

  2. Hey, Nicholas, did you see the link on Pundit & Pundette to the Joy Behar clip?

    It boggles my mind, how desperately people who don't like Palin are trying to consrue this non-event into proof-positive that she's stupid. (At least she's smart enough to keep her mnemonics on one hand, so she's not swinging her head from side to side.)

    You know, if all I knew about Sarah Palin I learned from seeing Joy Behar ranting and raving, I'd have to assume that she's got something going for her that has some people nervous.


  3. Well, changing the subject, but you said "anywhere" --

    Do I really need to be worried about Hulu?

    How valid/legitimate do you think McAfee SiteAdvisor info is?


  4. Wow, what a shrill-fest that was. Ronnie junior fit right in with the girls (always troubling) and claimed the authority to proclaim what his father President Ronald Reagen's views would be, even though he was a vocal critic of his father and an avowed liberal, whereas his father was a champion of American values, which are conservative in nature.

    Pam Geller was right, Ronnie knew his father but did not share his values, nor did he possess an appreciation for where those values were derived, and he is clearly the poorer for it.

    I see that dolt is still confounded by Kathy Shaidle's post. He knows he's toast, but thinks this is the kill shot and will not let it go. Did you know he has been posting at April's (albeit intermittently) longer than Darrell?

    McPherson, though, wow. He's a bright enough guy to be sure, but he had the unfortunate habit of showing up to challenge April's posting, invariably using the least flattering interpretation of her meaning and always requiring her to explain herself. E man and I took him down a time or two, and Wakes had some pretty funny (and lengthy) responses, but it was Darrell that really got rather aggressive in responding to him. I think the good professor became a tad jaded and stopped commenting, but when we speak of him he sometimes will pop right back. He might still be coming by from time to time to read the posts. Or perhaps he may google his own name to see where he shows up. Who knows?

    As to Hulu, I know very little of it. It seems Darrell was speaking of it recently, but he is very savvy and would probably know how to keep his computer protected. Like Ilion I do not have a TV, so I can't watch them as they are shown. I don't know how it could be done exactly, but I would be keen to try to watch the current episodes. Darrell would be a fun guy to have discussions with.

  5. "Shrill-fest" -- Perfect!

    And I actually felt kind of outraged at Ron's claiming to know how President Reagan would feel about anything, given the very public show of disrespect. Now his father is a great thinker...

    (I guess I hold some pretty old-fashioned views about how family is supposed to treat each other.)

    Uh-oh, lights are flickering. *sigh* Second major snowstorm this week.

  6. False alarm (I hope).

    Back to the really important stuff: No TV for you. either?! I'm about half-way through reading the recaps for LOST on (I like theirs better than the Wikipedia version; more detail, bits of dialogue, and links to info about characters, etc.) We could try Darrell's suggestion re watching the clips show aired recently and just diving into the final season. (He says Hulu is fine, BTW.)

    Which reminds me -- I couldn't find a copy of The Razor's Edge to rent the other day, and might just break down and try out Netflix. Have you tried them? It sounds luxuriously convenient, as long as you can actually get the movies you want.


  7. I see that dolt is still confounded by Kathy Shaidle's post. He knows he's toast, but thinks this is the kill shot and will not let it go.

    I don't want to seem like I'm jumping on the guy over at April's, but I do want to tell you, again, how impressed I am with the measured response you make to commenters like him.

  8. Thank you, Cathy. I don't quite read him. What's the point of making such an effort to shoot down someone that April obviously admires? It strikes me as rude.

    I actually don't read much of Kathy Shaidle.

  9. No, she seems unnecessarily unpleasant.

  10. Nick, speaking of things related to Palin and "intellectualism" and the claims back and forth, you might enjoy this also when you have the moment:

    It all blends together. This is a moderate-to-conservative site of legal scholars making the posts but many of the commenters are loony leftists. Fun stuff though.

    More, and I'm on this thread as well: