Monday, July 11, 2011

A Favorite Princess?

Though I only read it when my friend April drags me over there, I have to admit that I loved this story. A little Canadian girl named Diamond after princess Diana, had become ill with a very bad cancer, a sarcoma that had already advanced to Stage IV. This precious little girl is very ill, but she did have her day brightened, as reported in the UK Daily Mail:

Well aware of his daughter's love for all things princess-related, Mr Marshall had mused: 'Maybe she should meet Princess Kate... She will be coming to Calgary, after all.'

Little Diamond was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, and she wrote a letter to the Duchess, which read:
'Dear Princess Kate.

My name is Diamond Ann. I am six. I was named after Princess Diana. My Mommy Memory is in heaven with her. 'I have cancer. I spend a lot of time at the hospital. I watched you get married from my bed there. You looked pretty. I like playing Princess dress up. My favourite princess is Aurora. Who is yours? I would really like to meet you. Do you wait [sic] to meet me too?'
Her father also added a few words:

'Should the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just happen to swing by for a little visit, it would go a long way for helping her spirits, her surrounding family and friends. She is in awe of Princess Kate's fairytale-like story.'

In June they found out that Diamond had been chosen to present Princess Kate with a bouquet of flowers as part of the official welcoming.

When the day of the arrival of the royals came, Diamond was so thrilled by the chance to meet Princess Kate, that instead of handing her the bouquet, she flung herself forward for a hug, much to Catherine's delight.

After her meeting with the Royal couple, Diamond said:

'She told me she liked the flowers a lot. She was as fancy as she looks on the TV.'

Mrs Marshall, who stood close to the little girl throughout the meeting, told how the Duchess complimented Diamond's dress. She described Princess Catherine as 'so lovely and so gracious.'

'For a little girl who has dreamed of meeting a princess it was a dream come true.'

The royals had a very successsfull trip to North America, but there was no better moment than this.

Do you have a favorite Princess?

I certainly do.


  1. I love that moment when the Prince bends down to try to speak with Diamond, and the little girl becomes very shy and turns in to the arm of her step-mother. There is nothing the prince can do, but it soon is all put to rights when Kate bends down to share a few more words, much to the little girl's delight. Ah, its good stuff!

  2. I loved also the dubious look on William's face when the city father’s of Calgary present he and his bride with cowboy hats. That was too rich. But then in the next photo down, there he is at the Calgary Stampede, cowboy hat on straight and looking all the part of a man who enjoys and honors the rough and tumble past of the West. Very good.

  3. Thanks Terrence. Yes, this was good fun!