Friday, July 29, 2011

Extremists of Rhetoric, DNC Rank and File

Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid used his sickenly soft voice to throw out rhetorical fire bombs, as per his usual:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said he would never agree to a debt ceiling deal that would require another vote before the end of 2012...
Never?! Look, the government is spending more money than it's bringing in. It's been doing that more and more since WWII, and it all hit hyperdrive with Obama's inauguration. It needs to keep borrowing if it wants to continue current programs and services. Never going to agree, Harry? That seems pretty unreasonable. In fact, extremely unreasonable.
... and blamed “extremists” from blocking a deal now.

A reporter asked Reid Friday if he would be open to a compromise allowing another vote before the end of 2012...
The Republicans want a deal that will address run away spending in a serious way, and not just give the president several trillion more dollars to just spend, with nothing more than promises to decrease spending and save money in the distant future. They want the issue to remain before us, not just flitted away with empty promises of future cuts that past experience has shown never materialize. Does that sound okay?
“No, no, no. We cannot be in this battle all the time. Right now the extremists have locked down this Congress. We’re doing nothing. The extremists have locked down the White House. They’re not able to do their work. The country is in an economic malaise and they want to keep this up.”
Oh my, not able to do your work? The country is in an economic malaise because of the 'work' that Democrats like you and your buddies in the White House have done. 1.65 trillion additional national debt from this year alone. That's enough work from you. What do you think the effect of all that borrowing has upon the rest of the country? The instability, the hyper-regulation, the devaluing of the dollar, and worst of all, the pending government tax increases?

Not good, Harry.


  1. I so wish Sharron Angle had beat this hoser. Almost did, too.

    Lousy union creeps.

  2. No, the worst of it is the pending collapse of the USA.