Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is Anyone As Clueless As Chris Matthews?

In attempting to understand the Debt Ceiling debate, Chris Matthews reached for an anology and came up with ... South Africa and apartheid?
On his Monday MSNBC program, Matthews asked the Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman why he thought the GOP was taking a tough stand on the debt ceiling negotiations.

“What’s going on here as I see it is a kind of slow-motion secession,” Fineman said. “This is an ending of the social compact. This is two, three generations worth of agreement about Social Security, about Medicare, about the role of the federal government.”
To which Chris responded:
"That evokes images of South Africa during apartheid"
“This sounds like — I spent two years in southern Africa — sounds like what the whites talked about doing, eventually going into some circle, like Custer’s Last Stand against the United States.”
Perhaps we don't have to go quite so far as Custer's Last Stand, Chris. Think about it for a minute. Perhaps the Tea Party people recognize that they as citizens are responsible for all this dough that the elites in Washingtown are blowing through? Maybe they just recognize that spending has gone through the roof under Obama, with a deficit of 1,650 Billion dollars for 2011 alone. That's four and a half billion dollars further in debt each and every day. And it's accelerating. The solution is not to just raise the debt ceiling. The solution is to deal with our runaway spending.

Uncontrolled spending has real world consequences. It is in anticipation of those consequences and the impact they will have on our children that concerns us.

Sheesh. This guy is hopeless.


  1. Sounds like apartheid in South Africa? This guy is such an idiot. I guess he has pretty well written off appealing to the general public and is satisfied making his pronouncements to the choir, but does he realize what a joke he is making of himself?

  2. Okay, maybe there are people as clueless as Chris Matthews. But as loud and clueless? No way. He's in a league all his own.