Thursday, March 1, 2012

HBO's Docudrama Laugher

HBO's recently produced political docudrama "Game Change" reverses fact and inserts fiction in such large measure as to make the effort a laugher. That being the case, who better to play Sarah Palin then Julianne Moore, whose cardboard characterization was based on Ms. Moore's utter lack of knowledge of the character she was playing. I suppose this is part of the method acting. However, for a docudrama of a well known political figure, one would hope for a little less make-up and a little more method. Ms. Moore's Palin was no closer to the truth than the SNL version Tina Fey concocted, but than that was a known comedy sketch, intended to get laughs.  Here the humor was more accidental.

If the goal was to get as much wrong as possible, than HBO's Game Change was a stunning success. It was like a variation of 'The West Wing', the popular political drama starring well known liberal Martin "Not in MY NAME" Sheen, whose fictional president managed to get everything to work out swimmingly, regardless of the hard reality the rest of us have to deal with.

Sarah Palin's PAC provided a brief video response, which unlike the HBO two hour brain freeze, is actually spot on accurate and fun to watch:

Hat tip to Terrance this is Stupid Stuff!


  1. JN, didn't it seem like the video was a minute instead of 2:38? It is so well done it flies by. The guys who do these are GOOD.

  2. So glad I'm not paying for HBO...

  3. The good stuff does go by in a flash, and HBO? I had it as a free ad-on for three months when I started service last fall, but ended up only watching one thing on it. That was the Martin Scorsese special on George Harrison. Now that was good programing. The rest of it... garbage.

    Lefties seem to play these parts and then look around to see whose cheering them, and their good friend's on the left will praise their work, empty and unstudied though it is. Some said "W." sucked because James Brolin is a lousy actor. While that may very well be true, you cannot discount the fact that the story they made for their character was utterly bogus. 'Game Change' is right in there. As Bill and Ted might say, "Seriously heinous".

  4. I'd like to like Julianne Moore, but she's just a female Sean Penn really, isn't she. Such a shame. A good looker and a good actress, noisily enslaved to the robot consensus.

  5. When Leftist Hollywood announced the movie about the presidency of Ronald Reagan, Conservatives knew it would be a hatchet job. From the opening scene of Nancy and Ron sitting in the nude watching election results in the hotel, we knew it was exactly that--a Leftist fantasy hitpiece. When Hollywood announced a movie about Margaret Thatcher, to be played by Meryl Streep, Conservatives knew it would be a hatchet job. From the opening focus on her Alzheimer's to everything else, it was exactly that--a Leftist fantasy hitpiece.

    Now Leftist Hollywood "does" Sarah Palin. Surprise. Everything was "sourced," though. And by that, I mean it came from a book that was widely panned as inaccurate by people that were there and even the Leftists newspapers. But some clown put his name on it and that was good enough to satisfy the lawyers. Like it was good enough for The National Enquirer to feature stories about some clown's claim that he had an affair with Sarah. I read an interview with him where he talked about being fed details by the "journalists" and how they told him it was easy--just sign the statement that this happened and you get your check. Libel made easy.

    HBO does it's part. A pox on them and on the people that buy this crap.

  6. And thanks, James, for writing this up and sharing the video. I've been sharing it wherever it's needed as the Lefties have been conducting an organized talking points campaign around the Web timed with the release of the film. It doesn't change opinions, of course, but it makes heads explode. And that has value, if only my personal satisfaction.

  7. Well the facts are stubborn things. The relationship the left maintains with the facts amazes me. If you were to tell me that GWB was in many ways a moderate who erred in his willingness to spend Federal dollars in reaching out to them, I would not be insulted or feel compelled to point to fluf filled "facts" or shout you down. But point to Kerry's questionable four month tour in Vietnam and they just come unglued. I imagine if I were to question the qualities of Kerry's VP selection, John Edwards, they would immediately feel compelled to attack on that score as well. Very strange.

    My head is spinning listening to Nancy Pelosi and her fellow half baked political hacks like Harry Reid. It's nauseating. I've got to throw out a post here pretty quick. Thanks for checking in.