Sunday, March 25, 2012

Romney Stumbles in Louisiana

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney took a tumble in Louisiana Sunday, dropping the contest in the conservative state by a whopping 22 points. Santorum, no southern Baptist, won 49% of the votes, with Romney a distant second. For a candidate we were being told was inevitable since before a single vote was cast, he certainly doesn't seem to be persuading the bedrock of the party, conservatives.
"Santorum won every parish (the state's equivalent of a county) in Louisiana except one--Orleans Parish, which encompasses the City of New Orleans."
If Mitt Romney is going to win the presidency, first he is going to have to get the 1,144 delegates (he's about half way with 550), then he's going to need support from conservative states such as Louisiana. That means, Mitt, you're going to have to start advertising why you think you would be a good choice for president (and I mean a reason besides the specious "Because I can win"), and you're going to have to stop pissing us off. Get off the 'every other conservative in this race is slime' crap. It's baloney.


  1. Right that there isn't much substance in the Romney campaign besides "I once ran a business."

    Even at the small executive level Romney is a disaster. Obama's claim to competence was in running a great primary campaign and taking out the presumptive leader. The Romney campaign, by comparison, is a mess. Even with tons of money and eight years of building a campaign, he's still weak.

    One small point, Romney could start by calling off the junior high level stalking of his opponents by his surrogates (Rep. Jason "Occupy Gingrich" Chaffetz) and spokesmen (Ryan "crash Santorum's victory party" Williams). Sheesh!!/ByronYork/status/183899377893515265

  2. "After running an expensive, mostly self-funded, race against John McCain, Mike Huckabee, and others, Romney ended his campaign on February 7, 2008. Some Romney supporters today have cited that early date to suggest that Romney knew when to quit"

    Okay, well, any time now would be fine.

    If he wants to keep running, that doesn't bother me either. He has not persuaded the party to follow him, and that is Romney's problem, not Rick's.

    Like TD said, if he wants to start distinguishing himself from Obama, try running a campaign with some sense of class.