Thursday, March 22, 2012


CNS News reports:
"Thirty-year-old Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke, who told a House Steering and Policy Committee hearing convened by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi last month that contraception can cost a student $3,000 during law school, told CNS News on Tuesday that she did not know that the Target store 3 miles from the Georgetown Law campus sells a month's supply of birth control pills for just $9."
With apologies to CNS News, Ms. Fluke was not speaking at a hearing. She was speaking at a press conference that Nancy Pelosi had convened and set up to appear as a hearing. Ms. Fluke was not a witness before the committee as she had no credentials to justify her being there and she had not been vetted. It turned out she was in fact a political activist who went to Georgetown specifically to challenge the right of the Jesuits that run the shool to abstain from providing abortifactants, Trojans and birth control pills to their young charges.

CNS News reported March 5th that as far as birth control pills go, a Target pharmacy three miles from the Georgetown University Law campus offers a month's supply of a generic form of the birth-control pill Ortho Tri-Cyclen for $9 to those people without health insurance coverage for the pills.
“So, this is medicine,” said Fluke.
Yes, yes it is. And dirt cheap, too.

In addition, CNS News confirmed that a CVS pharmacy only two blocks from the Georgetown Law campus sells a month’s supply of the same birth control pills for just $33. That's about a dollar a day, and it's an easy walk. A Starbuck's Frappaccino once every third day would run you about the same.

Now Ms. Fluke, what were you saying about this contraception crisis?


  1. Ms. Fluke (pronounced "Fluck" according to her),
    says that although she didn't know about those low cost options it doesn't matter. She claims that some women need the special high-cost brand names because of unspecified genetic conditions. And although she can't name one insurer that refuses coverage of birth control using those high-price drugs for medical [hormonal] purposes or therapy, she continues to blame a Republican war on womyn.

    The Democrats war on women. And reason.

    Now, remember, it is not for her [she has not revealed her sexual orientation], it is for all the other women out there. She is a professional advocate. And there's a crisis out there. Although she can't name one specific example. Or something.

  2. I was thinking of titling this one "Fluke you".

  3. Reading Drudge today, I was thinking that we're all Fluked.

  4. Quick, who said "But [Big Oil Companies] don’t need an additional incentive when gas is $3.75 a gallon, when oil is $1.20 a barrel, $1.25 a barrel. They don’t need additional
    incentives. They are doing fine."

    A: President Barack Obama. Maybe Slo-Joe is the smart one afterall.