Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jimmie's Got Game

A Seinfeld-esque reference to your humble host? Ahh... no. I was reading some good stuff over at the always interesting Pundit and Pundette, when Jill directed my attention to one Jimmie Bise. Here is a sample:
I’m at a loss to explain how else to describe the weapons-grade whopper the White House Spokesgrifter Jay Carney told in this morning’s press gaggle when asked about the so-called Buffet Rule. That’s Barack Obama’s Attack O’The Week this week — an attempt to wring a few billion dollars out of 400 households who have managed, through a lot of hard work and sacrifice, to reach the very pinnacle of financial success in America. I’m not going to get into the numbers of the Buffett Rule, which are a noxious stew of fuzzy math and laughable fiction. I’ll let the graphic at the end of this post handle that. I want to point out that Jay Carney looked America right in the eyes and told a lie so blatant that, if we lived in Old Testament times, God would have opened a fiery crevice underneath him to consume him and his entire lineage.
Q: "Back to the Buffett Rule. Given that if it passed, it would make a small dent in the deficit, would you say that the measure is more symbolic than material?"

MR. CARNEY: "I think the money we’re talking about here, $47 billion over 10 years, is nobody’s idea of a small amount, A. B, we never suggested — the President, no one ever suggested that implementing the Buffett Rule would contribute in large measure to reducing the deficit. The President has put forward a comprehensive deficit reduction plan that takes a balanced approach, that includes as a principle of tax reform theBuffett Rule, but that does not rely on — and we never suggested it would rely on — the Buffett Rule to reduce the deficit by a significant measure. It is a principle of tax fairness.[Emphasis mine]

So, according to the Mouth of Sauron, Jay Carney, neither the President nor anyone else in the administration suggested that the Buffett Rule would reduce the debt in either a “large” or “significant” measure."

Got that? Okay. Now let’s leap into that wonderful time machine known as the Internet and travel back about six months, to September of last year. Here is what the President said in a speech at a DNC event in California.
"What I’ve said is this is a very simple principle that everybody should understand: Warren Buffett’s secretary shouldn’t pay a lower [sic] tax rate than Warren Buffett. A teacher making $50,000 a year, or a firefighter making $50,000 a year or $60,000, shouldn’t be paying a higher tax rate than somebody making $50 million a year. And that basic principle of fairness, if applied to our tax code, could raise enough money that not only do we pay for our jobs bill, but we also stabilize our debt and deficits for the next decade. And as I said when I made the announcement, this is not politics; this is math." (Laughter.)

Jimmy likes that. And not only is Jimmie a fun read, he's got the goods to boot.

Jimmie could soon by making our fun reads list. Check out all his stuff here.


  1. Am I gonna get a visit from the Secret Service now?

    I just amuse myself with kpo. I don't really believe that she/he is bad or evil, just completely indoctrinated to the point of no escape. I don't really do the research I used to do when I first started commenting on the web because I have learned that it is no use. The argument always resets to where it began.
    On the other hand I don't want to train kpo to be a more effective debater for the Leftist/Marxist POV. I rather she/he keeps on sending up targets that are easily shot down.

    Thanks for your comment, James.

  2. Yes, it is rather like wading though the swamp. You never find firm footing, the topic is slanted if not changed altogether, and you are left with the task of bringning him back to his own words. A more tiresome task you will not find.

    I've been wondering how you figured out he was from England. When you guessed that I thought it was the wildest shot in the dark, but than April confirmed his IP address was from the UK. A Daryl Zero moment, if ever there was one.

  3. Not really. The British spelling of certain words was the first tipoff--"sing" endings instead of "zing, " for example. But there is some effort for kpo to hide that (or fit in.) Then when April posted that Daily Mail story about ads featuring images of women in Western dress being defaced in Muslim areas, kpo demonstrated more than casual knowledge of locations, and showed Leftist leanings with the faux outrage at the assertion using terms associated with the Brit political correctness brownshirts. Then there were comments/knowledge of obscure British bands [where I pointed out that the band's biggest hit was a love song with the charming romantic notion that they both die in a car crash to freeze that moment, that love, in time. Awww!] So then I started fishing using my personal stories as bait-- like the British schoolgirls at the War Museum that believed that the Americans were the ones that bombed London during The Blitz because their teacher had told them so, and mentions of the hotness of Oxford librarians.

    Then, of course, there was April's sitemeter logo that (at the time) showed you locations of visitors during the day based on data from their ISP. I knew she had a daily visitor in Oxford and what better repository is there for someone promoting a Marxist POV--usually on unsuspecting eager minds? Cheating? Heck, even Daryl Zero used facts sometime.

  4. That's quite a little list of evidence ferreted out by various means, but the site meter logo showed a daily visitor from Oxford? Say what you will, but that strikes me as being pretty observant. Well done.

  5. It used to. Sitemeter either stopped offering that view for free or April switched to the free version which does let readers look at the data without the username/password for the site.
    I found that by accident at other blogs years ago. They had a world map that showed current visitors and visits over the day, month, and year.

  6. You were taking a chance with Oxford though. Judging from my own trips round American websites, those little things are rarely accurate enough to correctly pinpoint the exact town/city. Sometimes they say I'm in Eastbourne, sometimes St Albans, and so on.
    Still, it looks like you scored a hit this time. Well done. Very amused when she came back in the next post with a neutral comment and her tail between her legs. There should be an emoticon for 'tail between legs'.

  7. That's right. I know fancy words like 'emoticon'.

  8. I am still impressed by my analogy of the modern Left being like the Human Centipede attached mouth-to-anus, excreting and regurgitating from party intellectuals and JournoListers to blog trolls--each adding a little something, but never enough to make a discernible difference. You are free to use that, Bedes, and I wish you would. If only to forever more link that with the Left.

  9. Ω

    Uppercase Omega and lowercase Zeta might represent "tail between legs." Moreso if overstruck the characters. I deleted my AscII version because James does not allow the html for preformatted text to preserve white space. The periods (.) necessary to preserve the spacing messed it up.

    or just use this--