Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Milwaukee Teachers Wake Up and Smell The Coffee

I do not often find myself writing about the medication Viagra on these pages, but the Milwaukie Wisconsin teachers have now twice raised the issue into the general public discourse. The teachers, who earlier were grumpy over their loss of Viagra benefits, had argued that their penises should remain erect at tax payer expense. We now learn that their position has softened. Apparently the general disdain their antics have earned them has caused a rethinking of their stategy.
The Milwaukee teachers union has dropped a lawsuit seeking to get its taxpayer-funded Viagra back.

The union sued in July 2010 to force the school board to again include the erectile dysfunction drug and similar pills in its health insurance plans.

The union has argued the board's policy of excluding such drugs from the plans discriminates against male employees; the board has countered the 2005 move was meant to save money.

Court records indicate the union, the school board and the state labor commission agreed to dismiss the lawsuit on March 1. A spokesman for the state Justice Department, which is representing the commission, declined comment.

The more he reached for, the less he had.
No wonder.

Isn't this the medical aide that Hugh Hefner has become chained to, condemning him to a life of monotonously repetitive 'sleep arounds', with people from a generation who know little of him...

... and care for him even less?

Of course the Wisconsin educators are welcome to avail themselves of all the Viagra they can. But with costs to the tax payers running at over a million dollars a year, and a state that is now running a three billion dollar deficit, they'll have to be willing to pay for it themselves.

I can be happy with that.

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  1. Somebody give Hef a nudge. It's supposed to be fun and exciting to hang out with those girls.