Sunday, March 27, 2011

Victor Davis Hanson

One writer that I really should pay more attention to is Victor Davis Hanson. He writes clearly and insightfully, and is on point. His latest over at The Corner place his observations on his native California into the perspective of our nation's cultural drift, a drift which the left, through its machinations, has intended, and which the rest of us have unwittingly been taken along for the ride.
"I note this because hundreds of students here illegally are now terrified of being deported to Mexico. I can understand that, given the chaos in Mexico and their own long residency in the United States. But here is what still confuses me: If one were to consider the classes that deal with Mexico at the university, or the visible displays of national chauvinism, then one might conclude that Mexico is a far more attractive and moral place than the United States.

So there is a surreal nature to these protests: something like, “Please do not send me back to the culture I nostalgically praise; please let me stay in the culture that I ignore or deprecate.” I think the DREAM Act protestors might have been far more successful in winning public opinion had they stopped blaming the U.S. for suggesting that they might have to leave at some point, and instead explained why, in fact, they want to stay."

Good stuff. And no, I didn't steal his thunder. You're going to want to read the whole thing here.

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  1. Wonderfully readible, and yet so profound and inciteful, yet crisp and quick on the points.

    So jealous.

    Hanson is what you get from a classical education.

    Would that the nation's leadership have his wisdom.