Tuesday, March 15, 2011

United Nations Continues to Mock Reality

What is the UN up to? What started out as a Western democracy inspired dream of international cooperation, an instrument to enable dialogue between nations and avert war, has continued its slide into irrelevance with the recent election of Iran onto its Commission on the Status of Women. That's right, the nation that has made a national policy of putting women under its boot has been selected with nary a thought.

George Jonas is little troubled over it:
"It's a weird world. Take, for instance, the United Nations celebrating the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day by electing Iran to a four-year seat on the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Iran, having abandoned its high-profile quest for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, was now among 10 other nations "elected by acclamation" to the Commission on the Status of Women.

Today, there are 45 seats on this august body, set up in 1947 "to raise the status of women, irrespective of nationality, race, language or religion, to equality with men."
See why Jonas finds these antics more comical than troubling here.

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