Saturday, March 5, 2011

Michael Moore Throws His Weight Behind Wisconsin Government Unions

Leave it to a liberal blow hard and serial dissembler to step all over the people of Wisconsin and spew his worthless bile on their duly elected officers.
The crowd roared in approval as Moore implored demonstrators to keep up their struggle against Republican Gov. Scott Walker's legislation, comparing their fight to Egypt's revolt.
Michael Moore draws the comparison to the Muslim Brotherhood, who are well known to have made the city of Cairo unsafe for anyone, let alone Western dressed women, and he believes he has offered them a compliment.
He also thanked the 14 state Democratic senators who fled Wisconsin to block a vote on the bill, saying they'll go down in history books.
As what, the beginning phase of the collapse of our representative government?
Moore said the wealthy have overreached, first taking the working class' money and then taking their souls by shutting them up at the bargaining table.
These people are embarrassing. Wisconsin is projected to hit a $3.6 billion deficit by mid-2013. That's billion, with a "B".
"We've been here for the last 16 days we'll continue to be here until worker's rights are removed as the target in this budget repair bill by our governor," he said.
Wisconsin government employees are some of the best paid in the nation, with health benefits and retirement benefits for which they make no financial contribution.
Activists began a sit-in at the Capitol on Feb. 15, and although a judge ended protestors' overnight stays late last week, several hundred were back in the rotunda Saturday chanting "Who's house? Our house!" and "Hey-hey, ho-ho, Scott Walker's got to go!"
That sounds like something Michael Moore would come up with.
Renee Peplinski, a fifth-grade teacher in Wisconsin Rapids, said she doesn't mind making financial concessions to help the state even though it would hurt her family. She's more concerned about losing her collective bargaining rights. Without union protections, teachers would be at the mercy of administrators who could decide to fire them for any perceived slight, she said."
He's going to fire you anyway Renee, and it will not be for any slight. It will be because the state simply has no way to afford you and that honken Cadillac of a pension plan you've been driving around in.

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