Monday, September 26, 2011

Peggy Noonan Comes To Her Senses?

Two and a half years of utter Tom Foolery has brought even the likes of Peggy Noonan into a finer appreciation of President Obama. In commenting on Ron Suskind's "Confidence Men", Noonan offers:
An unnamed adviser says the 2009 stimulus legislation was the result of "poor conceptualizing." Another: "We should have spent more time thinking about where the money was being spent, rather than simply that there was this hole of a certain size in the economy that needed to be filled, so fill it."

Well.. yes.
Yes indeed. My word, what a bunch of bozos. We should have thought more about where the money was being spent? Sheesh.
"The White House says Mr. Suskind talked to too many disgruntled former staffers. But he seems to have talked to a lot of gruntled ones, too. The overarching portrait of chaos, lack of intellectual depth and absence of political wisdom, from a Pulitzer Prize-winning former reporter at this paper, rings true."

We all feel a bit jilted over Noonan being seduced by the dark side, and I'll allow she seems rather fickle at times, but you've got to admit, she's into the good stuff here.

Wouldn't you know, it wouldn't last. She is hardly through her piece before she starts into how Republicans are well within their capabilities to fail to take advantage of the nation's unrest with this president. Here she takes aim at Rick Perry, and though he has made some gaffes, would this qualify as one of them?
Contrast it with the words of Rick Perry, who zoomed into New York to make his own Mideast statement the day before the president's speech. The Obama administration's policy, the Texas governor said, amounts to "appeasement." It has encouraged "an ominous act of bad faith." We are "at the precipice of such a dangerous move" because the Obama administration is "arrogant, misguided and dangerous." "Moral equivalency" is "a dangerous insult."

This was meant not to defuse but to inflame.
Maybe it was meant to call it like it is.

Everything Perry said there is exactly on the money, and he is not in New York to cover for this clown president. Do you recall Obama trying to cover for President Bush? Me thinks... no.

Sheesh, Peggy. Caddyshack couldn't have said it better:



With a major hat tip to the always interesting Roxeanne de Luca.

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  1. I may be wrong, but it seems that Noonan finds it easy to agree with winds blowing through her segment of establishment pundits, but has a hard time with anyone who doesn't get beltway support.

    Now that even the Left is beating up on Obama, Peggy can take another more negative look.

    But, I cushion my comments because I don't read her anymore. It's been a long time since she said anything that I didn't already know or guess.