Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Too Funny

Every now and again we are treated to our betters on the left totally stepping in it. Case in point is The Hill's Bernie Quigley (down under?) as he criticised Mark Steyn's After America. He first lists a number of other books with "After America" as a part of their title (You've seen one, you've seen 'em all), and then he wades into the deep end of the pool:
"These books see America as an idea rather than a place because the authors don’t understand place and have probably never been to an American place they were inclined to stay in. They would get a rash in real places like Tobaccoville, N.C., Haverhill, N.H. or Luckenbach, Texas, where Waylon, Willie and the boys hang."
Unfortunately for Bernie, Mr. Steyn actually works in Haverhill, New Hampshire. In fact, it's where he and his family live.


The comments are just as rich, one of which points out that Mr. Quigley's referral to Luckenbach, Texas as real America can only result from his having no experience with Luckenbach. It seems Luchanbach is a ghost town, the Waylon Jennings song being the only reason it still exists as a tourist attraction.



  1. Osama bin Laden is gone, and the idea that change could only come through violence has been buried with him.Obama's Sept. 21st address to the U.N. General Assembly.

    So a bullet in the forehead is nonviolent change now. Good to know that.

  2. Yoikes! indeed.

    I learned a wonderful new word yesterday, and I get to use it right away!



  3. "So a bullet in the forehead is nonviolent change now. Good to know that."

    But then, this is the same child-man who saw some of America's fallen heros in his audience.

  4. And the 57 states, and the Penn State Nitaly Lions, and the Albuterol Breathalyzer, and the Corpse men, and so forth, but quit sniggering. The point is, Pass this Bill Now. Do it. Do IT.

  5. The EPA is totally out of control. The "trifle" here that no one is discussing is that all of that Ozone crap for the 1980s and 1990s was shown to be pure bunk. A case of discovering something and assuming that there is a problem, rather than that was the way it has been for thousands of years, if not forever.

    The Obama Administration is just all his regulatory agencies to implement all the Leftist policies that they could never push through Congress, and it's about time that Congress pushes back.

    Simple logic would tell you that the sum total of all the propellant in every inhaler that would ever be produced 'till the end of time would amount to the proverbial spit in the ocean. Exempt medical devices.

  6. The Obama Administration is just using. . .

  7. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that "The Ozone Hole" was a pseudo-problem. But, they're *still* teaching it in the government indoctrination centers.

    And, of course, the Obamanation is just using ...

  8. It is a chicken little story of epic proportions, and one wonders how it is possible that so many people have allowed themselves to be governed by the nonsense dictates of so few.

    I must say I am rather glad to see the sun setting on AL Gore. He has been an insufferable embarrassment as a former Vice President.

  9. These clowns never give up and never stop trying to get their way. Even after their gone, we must dig up their graves, salt their bones and incinerate them. What did Obama do when he didn't get his tax increase plan during the debt limit increase stalemate? He proposed the same plan as a jobs program just a couple of weeks later. Gore won't stop until we bankrupt him and take apart the global warming power grab scheme piece by piece. We have to get Hansen and all the major zealots out of their jobs and into the unemployment line. It's not revenge, it's survival--ours.

  10. Well fellas, we've been had. While we have been speaking of presidential gaffes past, the President himself has been out-gaffing himself at the United Nations, where he ballyhoed the great US built intercontinental railroad. My, that is an impressive bridging project. Steyn beats us all to the punch line, with his litany of largely hushed presidential gaffes that will make your sides ache.

    That's our president. What a maroon!

  11. "That's our president. What a maroon!"

    (Ahem!) That's our alleged-President.