Friday, September 9, 2011

Three Bozos

Herman Cain followed the Republican debate with a quick tour of the MSNBC Roundtable of Fools, and they each took their shot at the guy.

Sharpton, O'Donnell, Schultz
Three up, three down.

I know they say he can't win the primary, but man do I love the forthrightness of this guy and his willingness to cut through the B.S.

Go Cain!

With a hat tip to Robert Stacy McCain.


  1. Okay, I know Robinson got in there too, but he doesn't qualify. Useful idiot... sure. But able to belly up to the Roundtable of Fools?


  2. Heh! They obviously have no clue that the high unemployment rate among blacks and the poor is the worst kind of "hurt"--not an 8% or 9% tax rate for those who have managed to find jobs.

  3. So Lawrance O'Donnell looks to get "a larger focus" at the political career of Ronald Reagan, and he finds a man who "raised taxes eleven times, created the largest state income tax in history and a man who governed in a bi-partisan way"?

    This guy is not serious as a journalist, is he? Has he read anything of Reagan's? Does he have a notion of the difference between what the man thought on what made the nation great and the constraints of the political system? Is he aware of the double speak the Democrats gave him, how the major tax increase Reagan signed into law was in an agreement where the democrats promised two dollars in tax cuts for every dollar in tax increase (in order to address their concerns over the deficit of course, of course) and no spending cuts ever came into play. Ever. They just didn't happen. Is he aware that his party of Democrats in "working together with the president" lied to Ronald Reagan? What take home does Lawrance O'Donnell think Reagan took from that little bi-partisan exchange of promises?

    What a dufus.

  4. And if Reagan was so liberal on taxes, O'Donnell should be glad to vote for a conservative who speaks the same way Reagan did. As well as take back any negative comments he made about Reaganomics in the day. Heh!

  5. Ahhhh... nice!

    Where would I be, where would I be, if it weren't for people like Terrance?!