Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finding One's Way through the Forest

Roxeanne de Luca is a gem of a gal. Prone to perusing Dear Abbey and offering her own common sense commentary, her recent post on The Sad Thing About Waxing drew a flurry of back and forth between Bobby B, Joy McCann and one Robert Stacy McCain, with the bulk of the discussion directed to the debasement of our culture.

All this to direct your attention to Roxeanne's answer in Belvedere's comment section:
"In The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis said that Satan’s goal is to take normal, healthy pleasures and pervert them, so that we need ever more for ever less enjoyment in return. When you decouple sex from love, you end up working incredibly hard to replace the love component with physical pleasure and excitement, which must necessarily result in ever-increasing disordered activity. “Normal” sex becomes boring, not because it is so, but because it is so without love, without the underlying connection that constantly strengthens as the couple goes through married life."
Yes, yes indeed. Beautifully said.


  1. As long as we realize it is the Left doing Satan's work to destroy the family for their own purposes. But enough of that.

    Not so much a back-and-forth as a disagreement in terms--McCain never passes up the chance to call women "hussies, harlots, trollops, tramps, vamps, floozies and whores" when it can make him look edgy and generate traffic and comments. But the pudendum, oops, pendulum does swing back and forth. Women who want to be on the upswing of the trend would be wise to let their garden grow, e.g., the 1970s retro look.

    Btw, I question the original assertion that woman are obsessing about it to begin with. Maybe in the writer's small circle but in general? Meh. Surprise never went out of style except with the gay judges on Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, Queer Eye, etc. And isn't that where such women take their advice from anyway? And since when did "men" enter in to it? I seem to recall while channel surfing some character shouting "Don't point THAT THING at me!!!!", referring to a hip thrust at the end of the runway. And mentioning something about a "hedgehog" to another contestant. Consider the term "va-jay-jay." Wonder how it got in the lexicon? Here's a hint, it wasn't Grey's Anatomy or Gray's Anatomy. Think any man would ever use that? Besides Stacy, of course. He'd suggest that women shave their heads bald to match collar and cuff if it would generate traffic and comment. And probably did.

  2. That Robert Stacy McCain is a traffic whore is a fact that is well established. The man would consider most anything to drive his considerable numbers onward and upward. Who else but RSM would take advantage of the Perez Hilton/Miss America beauty contest flap to corner the market on the Carrie Prejean nude pics, or take the occasion of a few minor mistakes by our friends at ACORN to promote his filthy Hannah Giles bikini pics? The man is a sicko.

    The problem with the asking of the waxing question is that just the question itself alludes to a standard of behavior that is very destructive... to women, to the family and ultimately to men as well. If we take the article at face value, we are to imagine that today's women are nervous about what men will say about the sex they had together, and do not wish to be shamed for not being "immaculately groomed". I agree with you, if a woman is sleeping with guys so casually that she is sure they are sharing notes about her, then it is not a confidence problem, or a grooming problem, but a lifestyle problem. You cannot eliminate the problem by grooming better.

    As you and I both know, creepy guys like that have always been around. Most of their stories are fabricated, and no one's going to control what they say. The point is not to spend time with such characters, and do not give their opinion any heed. It's worthless, and a fool's errand to be concerned with it. Roxeanne's frustrated response: "Young women of the world: have you all gone mental?" is right on the money. It is a longer view she is taking, and she is in the right of it.

    As to the shaving of heads bald to match cuff and collar, this is as close as I could come.

  3. Most of their stories are fabricated, and no one's going to control what they say.

    Giving bush derangement syndrome (BDS) a whole
    'nuther meaning.

    Of course Roxeanne's response is spot-on and an instant classic. It usually is.