Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pelosi Still Smoking Something

Somebody get a grip on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Always pitching stuff that would give one pause, her latest pronouncements are just bat-shit crazy:
Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that extending unemployment benefits would add “600,000 jobs to our economy.”

She also said that the money from unemployment benefits creates a “safety net” for the U.S. economy because it “injects demand into the economy -- creating jobs.”

What the...?! I mean, I'm aghast! Is this woman completely off her rocker?

In short... yes, yes she is.


  1. By the way, that CNS is a great news source, especially the stuff by Terence Jeffery on Obamacare and the Elena Kagan tie ins. It appears that she not only was involved in formulating the government's response to the various legal challenges by Mark Levin et al, but that she lied about her involvement before the Senate confirmation hearing.

    Not good.

  2. The thing that gets me about all this is that the experiment has already been done: if this was some new and untested thing then, yes, I might expect some people to take Pelosi's view. It's attractive, and it sounds compassionate and altruistic and optimistic.
    But all you have to do is look at Europe, look at Britain. The road the Obamaniacs are trying to take you down is the one we began travelling after the Second World War and the results are obvious.
    Yes, the ideas were noble, the intentions doubtless honourable. But it didn't work, because it doesn't work, because it can't work, because human nature is perverse, and the only people who don't believe in human nature are Marxists.

    The trouble is not that they can't see what has happened to Europe but that they won't accept it, as indeed many of our own ideologues continue not to do.
    They truly do believe that the means justify the end.

    By the way, belief in inviolable human nature, and the need to always account for its influence in social planning, is a hugely significant point of agreement between religion aand Darwinism. The only reason this is not noted is because Darwinists tend to have no grasp of politics, and so side with the Leftist fantasists as instinctively as they make faces at the religious. In fact, the two world views are in agreement, and the enemies of both are (or should be) the social utopians who think human nature can be ignored, shaped like clay or redirected like a stream, and when they finally realise this cannot be done without indefensible pressure, they choose not to abandon their delusions but to apply indefensible pressure.
    This is the story of the Left wherever it has been given power: it always ends in tyranny, as it is now on the verge of doing, yet again, in Europe, and as Pelosi seems to want for you.

  3. Sure it's been done--Dec. 6th of 2010 when that $856 billion, 13-month extension was signed into law by Obama. How quickly we all forget. Pelosi had the same things to say about that then as well. It was a miracle solution that would solve everything. How'd that work out?
    History starts today with the Democrats. Who can blame them for wishing that?

  4. Herb R--
    Because Nancy Pelosi is The Evil Queen that cast a spell that has us all trapped in Storybrooke, Maine with time frozen. Luckily,
    Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle), built in a back-door to the spell.

  5. And no, herb, we are not clicking on your link to see who "you" are or where "you" are from. You phishing program types are getting better at mimicking real people, but any real person who had "gone through the blog" would understand the matter and know exactly who this lady was and why we were talking about her.


  6. Too late!

    He sells 'vaporizer devices'.

    Me neither.

  7. Well then, we can deal with that. Herb R., you're vaporized.

    To be truthful, Herb R provided more interesting insights and commentary than Anonymous. I feel kinda bad about that. Anonymous should have hit the vaporizer first.

  8. Wow. Not only did my terribly witty comment escape posting, it took Herb's input along with it.

    (But the verification word was "phogr.")

  9. Flying in the face of such sound advice as "Never repeat a weak joke"... my note regarding the verification word was intended to draw your attention to the hilarious coincidence of the v. word being "phogr" for a comment about vaporizer devices.

    I'm going home now.


  10. [Yakov Smirnoff voice]
    Oh, I geet it! "P--H--O--G--R" would be pronounced as "fogger!"

    Eeets funny, 'cause eets true!
    Good night, everybody! Teep your waitress!