Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sympathy Seeking

The Venerable Bede
Ever in a haste to capture the political advantage of victim status in the Western culture to which they have chosen to immigrate, those of the Islamic persuasion have risen to new heights of hyperbole. The latest is to characterize themselves as the world's new "Jews".

Tis odd, one might think, for a group that so utterly despises those of the Hebrew faith to point them out as their moral equivalents. Why would they aspire to such an association? The answer lies in history.

The Jews have a long history of persecution and subjugation, the most ghastly example of which in recent memory would be the Holocaust. Thus, to claim equivalence in the mind of the West is to assume the ultimate mantle of victim hood, prime real estate for a minority group in the West. Blog fav The Venerable Bede comments on the goings on:
... over in Switzerland in October, 2000 protesters organised by the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland paraded the streets wearing yellow stars. Nicolas Blancho, head of the Islamic Central Council, explained the symbolism: "Muslims are treated as second-class citizens and are discriminated against, for example because they wear a headscarf or because of their name when they look for an apprenticeship or are looking for an apartment." Justifying the analogy still further, Tony Blair's nutjob sister-in-law Lauren Booth, speaking at the event, explained that people often glared at her in the street.

You'll notice that there seems to be some disagreement here as to exactly what did happen to the Jews of Europe during the Holocaust, perhaps attributable to the patchiness of the historical record.
Yessiree, it is a curiosity, but as Bedes well knows the record is far from patchy. Few events in history are better documented than the atrocities that Nazi Germany inflicted upon the Jews in the lands they ruled or occupied. Differences in opinion on the historical facts depend entirely upon the individuals retelling the events. In Western culture, the event is well known and well documented. Amongst the Muslims the world over however, one can't be too sure. It may very well be that the whole idea of a Holocaust was merely a grand fable made up to justify the stealing of land from the Bedouins that lived in the Middle East. The fact that they would delight in repeating the adventure in the current day in no way lessons their vehemence in denying it ever occurred in the first place.

It's a mind bender, but the Venerable Bede will straighten it out for you. Gain his insights on the world's "newest" Jews here.


  1. Could it be that the Venerable Bede bears some relation to Adam Bede, a George Eliot character whose name was used as the title of her first novel?

    The Venerable Bede usually leaves such things an utter mystery. Just wondering.

  2. Did you catch Bede's December 14th post "Great things about the 21st century #324: When charities attack?" It's too brilliant a piece to miss. And it's the one you were looking forward to covering. I fear you might have overlooked it because of the December bounty over there.

  3. I did catch that, and thought I had left him a comment, but I don't see it there at all. Yes, that was great stuff. It is so irritating to be spoken down to by our "moral superiors", when the truth of the matter is the "superiors" are presumptuous nitwits who have not considered the issue with any degree of penetration. Artists like Jeremy Irons are no more moral than anyone else, but they have great difficulty seeing that for themselves.