Monday, February 6, 2012

Romney Shocker: Nevada Turnout Low, Fails to Clear 50%

Voter turn out for Romney was surprisingly low.
As Presidential candidate Mitt Romney attempts to gather the republican party behind him, it is clear again that the difficulties we face have not caused the nation to turn to Romney. In fact, Mr. Romney is unable to garner enthusiastic support from his own party. With only 32,000 people turning out to vote in Nevada (down 12,000 from Romney's last much ballyhooed victory here in the 2008 presidential primary) he was able to garner more votes than his rivals but not much energy or enthusiasm from the conservatives that make up the back bone of the Republican party. The man touted by the party establishment as the person who can beat Barrack Obama can barely generate a pulse.

There are 310 million people in the United States, yet the David Gregory's of the world are pronouncing the nomination process over, and claiming the Nevada primary is a huge momentum generator for Mr. Romney. Sorry boys, but 32,000 people do not speak for the majority of Americans. That barely is enough to make up a small town. And Romney got about half of those? 16,000 votes does not exactly stop the presses, unless the presses are looking to be stopped. Let me give it to you straight. The media doesn't want a strong Republican nominee. Furthermore, the campaign tactics Romney has chosen are those that suit the Rahm Emanules and James Carvilles of the world, but they don't suit us.

Romney and his PAC spent $561,000 on 550 negative ads and 163 positive ads. Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich received 21% of the vote, and this after he spent ... nothing.

The campaign's not over. And it won't be over until we the people have been allowed our say.


  1. Romney shouldn't have run any ads, but gone with a $10 casino chip to anyone that voted for him. That would have only cost him $320,000. If the 471,000 registered Republican voters in Nevada turned out, it would have been a different story. But think about the PR value.
    If his vote total exceeded the adult population of the State, we'd have good evidence of vote fraud.

  2. Well, 160K, because he only got half of the 32,000 that showed up to vote - but its a killer of an idea. What was that moto... always double down on 11? You are so money, baby!

    But what doesn't follow is that a win in Nevada locks up the nomination. Excuse me? How can that be? And why should we allow so few people to make this big of a decision for the rest of America? Our nomination process needs to be repaired, certainly, but hey, we are still allowed to participate. Meanwhile, the David Gregorys of the world are to tell me what my choices are? Thank you - no.

  3. I figured for $10, everyone would have kicked Newt to the curb. ;-)

  4. I wonder when the conservative press will begin to ask Gov. Romney or his surrogates why the turn out is so low if he is such a good candidate. At least Brett Baier's all-star panel saw the problem. Charles Krauthammer pointed out that Gingrich was right that South Carolina was the only state where there was enthusiasm.