Friday, February 17, 2012

Saddleback Comments Shroud Brokeback Presidency

President Barrack Obama, the chief executive of the United States, is once again at it, picking and choosing, and making it up as he goes, this time in relationship to "gay couples" in the military. In the past, the DoD ignored claims for spousal support if the "spouse" was of the same sex as the person serving in the military. A recent challenge filed in Massachusettes will not be responded to, by fiat as announced by the grand vizier himself:
The Obama administration is extending its decision to stop defending an anti-gay marriage law to provisions affecting same-sex couples in the military.

The 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act requires the Pentagon to ignore same-sex marriages even if they were legally obtained in a state that allows them. A group of married gay service members and veterans sued in U.S. District Court in Boston last fall arguing the law is unconstitutional and they are entitled to spousal benefits.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced a year ago that President Barack Obama determined DOMA is legally indefensible, reversing a policy of defending the law in litigation. On Friday he wrote to congressional leaders saying the administration reached the same conclusion for lawsuits like the one in Boston involving military personnel.
The president is obliged to defend the government's position, whether he is enamored of it or not. For one who touts himself as a constitutional scholar, Mr. Obama shows little regard for the constitution and the duties he as president is obliged to perform.

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