Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Hide the Decline' Context Provided

Steve McIntyre has an excellent analysis of the context for the ‘trick’ used to hide the decline of Keith Briffa’s tree ring data discussed here. Drawing from the e-mail records made available from Hadley CRU, the context becomes clear:
the late 20th century decline in the Briffa reconstruction was perceived by IPCC as “diluting the message”, that “everyone in the room at IPCC” thought that the Briffa decline was a “problem” and a “potential distraction/detraction”

The information in the Briffa tree ring data were at odds with the prevaling message, and did not support a consistent warming over the past 1,000 years. In this respect it was at odds with the papers written by Mann and Jones. A number of manuavers were attempted to present a more uniform message, as was the goal of the IPCC.

This is outrageous. Science is not about hiding the data to streamline the discussion. Such manipulation is done in the realm of politics.

As to the mandate to adopt the measures to curb CO2 emissions, based on the science, no mandate exists.

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