Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was at Disneyland a few years back with a girlfriend of mine, and got my chops busted for noticing that other women were also present in the park that day. I had no actionable interest, but a dog is a dog, and I hear the howl of the hounds as well as the next guy. This unhealthy and inappropriate behavior that we are all reading about these days has a faint familiarity. I disapprove, both because it is unhealthy, wrong and disgusting, and because it is ... worrisome. The good news is that Solomon checked all this out for me a time back as I recall, and had some helpful things to say.

As to the news of the day, they are all a twitter, with great speculation on how it will effect Tiger's golf career. As I recall, they also were quite helpful in pointing out that Tony Romo couldn't throw worth beans when Jessica Simpson was somewhere in the stadium. They also were quick to point out that she had gained a little weight ... then she lost it again.

That’s nice to know.

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