Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Familiar Deep Rough

The private affairs of golf's most dynamic figure have become the source of much copy, to the point that I really do not wish to be made any further aware of the details. I understood all I needed to know with the first report, and the rest is a carnival ride through the assorted details of someone's sundry intimacies, meant to titillate and shock.

Thus, you will not find here the answers to the sordid questions people ask about Tiger's impressively long drive into the deep rough. But I will offer this one insight for the benefit of all the male readers: the fact that Tiger finds women attractive is not the problem. That's not a design flaw or personal weakness. The issue for each of us is a question of judgment, and of purposing to make good choices.

Chasing after what looks good will keep you from finding the really good things in life. Tiger's story is one of those. Whatever we're chasing, it all comes down to the same thing. It is a familiar story to me. I believe it is a familiar story for all of us. We miss the good things because we were chasing after the things we wanted, things that ultimately were worthless, and may have even been harmful. But the stumble and the loss does not define the man.

It is what happens next that matters the most.

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