Monday, December 21, 2009

Where the Buffalo Roam

I'm feeling out of sorts about the rush for 'Health Care Reform'. It seems to have no public support, is in violation of the Constitution and directly at odds with the idea of a free and democratic society, yet it is nearly ready to pass into law. How can this be happening? Is not the simple answer the election of 2008, and all the baloney that went into the campaign of the Hope and Change huckster?

The Wall Street Journal calls it "a bill so reckless that it has to be rammed through on a partisan vote on Christmas eve." From the article Change Nobody Believes In:

"The rushed, secretive way that a bill this destructive and unpopular is being forced on the country shows that "reform" has devolved into the raw exercise of political power for the single purpose of permanently expanding the American entitlement state."

Barrack Obama did not run on the policies that he actually has governed by. No one knew who he really was or what he was going to do. It was as if the "D" by his name coupled with his dark toned skin melded together to form a Kevlar coated body suite, impenetrable. And too many of us just felt so damn good about ourselves for electing a person of African descent, as if that mattered. What we actually elected was a radical liberal who wanted to expand government oversight and government control. We were buffaloed by this guy and the media.

And now that's where we all live.

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