Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CRU data sets not holding up to scrutiny

TM Lutus over at Chicagoboyz had another look at the Hadley CRU code problems. To no one's surprise another clunker turned up. All this underscores a point I have repeatedly made here, that the defense "There is no smoking gun here. No money trail comes to light between George Soros and the researchers and there is no evidence that a conspiracy was at hand" is no defense whatsoever. After reveiwing the manner in which Hadley CRU was handling the data sets Mr. Lutus concludes:
"So without any conspiracy we seem to be betting trillions on science that does not adequately coordinate to prevent control data from entering real data sets, has practices in the discipline that are inadequate to guard against undue weight, and is taking large chunks of its data from weather stations whose error bars far exceed the global warming signal we’re all supposed to be worried about."

It does seem rather problematic. Whether the alarmists across the globe were working in collusion, or their small numbers and intimate and incestuous relationships just made it work out that way, the bottom line is the programs Hadley CRU were relying on to support their conclusions were hopelessly flawed.

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    Enjoyed the Snark Factor over at April's site.

    In any event, along the lines of more data regardign ClimateGate, where everything is supposed to be just dandy and full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes and all that rot, you might check out this site as well. Good raw data: