Saturday, December 5, 2009

Things heating up in Copenhagen

Things are already heating up in Copenhagen. The town mayor has sent postcards to the city’s major hotels warning climate summit guests to limit their carbon signature by icing the services of a select group of Copenhagen’s work force. Her efforts to influence the activities of the world’s climate elites has resulted in a heated response by local industry leaders, who have offered free services to anyone who can produce the mayor’s post card ... and their COP15 identity card.

The calculation of industry leaders appears to be that it is better to meet their expected emission level targets despite the initial cost in lost revenue than be frozen out completely from this particular market sector.

Local industry leaders understand the economy of the IPCC better than most.


  1. What they and the IPCC have in common is a desire to see to it that a lot of people end up getting screwed.

  2. That dog won't hunt.

  3. Keyboard Jockey, the veiled reference to industry leaders worked in the sex trade industry, and they are upset that the mayor wants to curb the increased activities the Copenhagen summit will undoubtedly generate, resulting in the sex trade union offering free services (intercourse) for any COP15 carrying alarmist in possession of one of the mayor's postcards.

    May sound good to a global elitist, but I would be inclined to believe they will end up getting what they pay for.