Tuesday, March 23, 2010

'Bring It On'

Taking a defiant posture over their most recent expansion of Federal powers, the White House assured the people of the nation that efforts to question their takeover of the U.S. healthcare industry will fail. Fourteen states have filed Federal lawsuits in opposition to the bill on constitutional grounds, eliciting the following response:

“To that I say, ’Bring it on,’” said White House domestic policy chief Melody Barnes.

The last time we heard this kind of talk from the White House it was President Bush letting America's enemies know that we were ready and willing to fight them. This President has it in his head that the major conflict his administration faces is against the American people he was elected to lead.

What an ass.


  1. How can people who have enjoyed so much of what America offers still be so driven to put America 'in its place'? How can people who have so much still be so determined that others do not 'deserve' what they have?

    It's more and more like Kafka, but it is everyone in America, who isn't in abject subjugation to some life challenge or another, who is on trial.

  2. Kafka...I've got to read some Kafka.