Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Enough with the white coats already

U.S. President Barrack 'Bad Bill' Obama has decreed the will of the people to be no concern of his.

The guy is a shameless poser.

"Onward, lemmings" he cried as he whooped and hollered his rag-tag group of soon to be former Democrat congressmen over the edge of political insanity.

After holding a special healthcare summit meeting to gain the ideas of both sides, the big balooney thrower tossed aside Republican calls to throw out the broad bills passed by the House of Representatives and Senate last year and begin again with a more step-by-step approach.
"Given these honest and substantial differences between the parties ... I do not see how another year of negotiations would help," Obama said.

Yes, well, especially when you have no intention of listening to anyone other than your own liberal buddies. Not the Republicans. Not the American people. Senate rules forbid the reconcilation process to be used for anything other than budget reconcilation. It was a Democrat, Senator Byrd, that wrote the rule in, The Byrd Rule, but these are DEMOCRATS we’re talking about here.

“Senate rules? We don’t need no stinkin Senate rules.”

"Now is the time to make a decision about how to finally reform health care so that it works, not just for the insurance companies, but for America's families and businesses," Obama said.

That's right. It's really unfair now because it is all set to favor certain ill intentioned groups like insurance companies, at the cost of everyone else. Unlike Obamacare, which would raise taxes on everyone and share the burden equally... except for union members...and government employees ...oh yeah, and all the people living in the state of Nebraska (?!).

What a twit. Of all things this nation needs to concern itself with, the most important thing on his mind is the government takeover of the healthcare industry.


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  1. Love that picture of Byrd.

    "Hey they're messing with your rule, Senator!"

    "What the ...?!"