Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stace Makes Out Like a Bandit

Robert Stacy McCain, doing the hard work you and I wish we had a chance to do, broke out the old shoe leather,traveling to the Searchlight Rally in support of the bid to oust Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. I must say, I appreciate all the hard work Stace does for you and I. Beauty is, we get to tag along with Stace and actually hear from the people there. It's hard work, but this is serious reporting.

I gotta say, it looks like we missed a pretty good time out in the desert!


  1. I just love the poster of Moe, Joe and Curly. Moe was always the brains of the outfit, and he had a hard time being patient with the dull tools he had to work with. Truth was, Moe was just as dull as the rest of them, so in an ironic sort of way, he deserved it. Joe was a really kind hearted person, but that wouldn't stop Moe from hitting him on the head with a steel bar. And Curly, he would hardly even feel it. I'll never forget the happiness Curly would experience when he would thwart one of Moe's attempts to smack him, only to get it just as bad the next minute. What a crew!

    So for the novitiates, we have President Obama as Moe, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as Joe, and Nancy Pelosi as ... Curly!

    Knyuck, knyuck, knyuck...

  2. I just love that comment "YOU MORONS!"

    IMPEACH OBAMA works pretty well for me, too!

    (Negative ring sign, gentlemen)


  3. IMPEACH OBAMA works pretty well for me, too!

    Well. It's certainly effective message placement.

  4. What?! I wasn't.. come on... I mean.. that wasn't even something I was even.. I can't believe you would even think that!