Wednesday, March 3, 2010

White coats applaud destruction of US Healthcare System

Well, there they are.

Each the absolute picture of health.

The gal second from the left is a nurse, whom the White House dressed for the occaison in a physician consultant's jacket. False advertising? Sure, but wait till they enact the bill to 'improve' our healthcare system.

It was the finest in the world. People would come from all over to find the best care available. And if this team of bozos have their way, it will all be a distant memory. Yes, the Obamanation of the US healthcare system has reached its terminal phase. All that is needed now is for the Democrats in Congress to ignore Senate rules (and more importantly the will of the people) and vote the damn thing in. We will immediately begin to realize the benefit of the higher tax rates. The medical care promised will all start a little later... after the next presidential election.

What is with these guys? Spend the money, then skip town before the bill comes due.

There ought to be law!

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  1. Applauded by the White Coats while he looks over at his adoring .. tele prompters? Are the tele prompters applauding as well? Why does he gaze over at them so?