Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Haim lost to us

Corey Haim collapsed in his home and passed away in the night from what were termed 'unknown causes'. Corey struggled with drug use, and they undoubtedly played a role in his demise at 38 years of age.

The trouble with 'innocent' drug use for fun is that for many it ends up spinning out of control to become the person's dominant coping mechanism, and ultimately a heartless, unforgiving slave master. None of this would I want for anyone, least of all Corey Haim, whom I enjoyed immensely in Lucas and License to Drive. Seemed like a sweet kid.

Hollywood is a throw away culture. You have your useful time and then as far as the studio executives are concerned, you're done. Trouble is, once you taste the intoxicating spotlight of fame like Corey did, it is hard to then just lead a normal life. It takes an unusual person to stay grounded through all that.

Of course, Corey was never a throw away. None of us are.

God bless, Corey. Thanks for the fun and humanity you shared with us all. You will be missed.

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