Friday, November 5, 2010

Blast From From The Past

Who dat?!

With the media weighing in on the elections and with the senate leadership crying that the Tea Party movement has... just made their life really, really hard, I couldn't help but laugh at this bonehead posting by our betters at the Washington Post.

The Washington Post, the DC liberal flagship, home to such investigative journalistic greats from the past as Woodward and Bernstein, made a gaff of epic proportions. What was better still was when conservative brother Bob Parks called them on it. I just had to laugh, and you know what, laughing is good medicine.

My...oh my... what a doosey!

Hat tip to Bob Parks at Black and Right.

(Originally posted May 3rd, 2010).


  1. LOL, check out my blog post about the New Republic's similar belly aches. It is so funny to watch. Ugh. Hope all is well Mr. Nicholas.

  2. I don't think it's a mistake. One of the commenters at your link almost had it right (Cindy). Let me explain.

    In the 80s, Columbia Univ. became one of the first major universities where former radicals and sympathizers managed to gain control of the administration. One of the first things they undertook was inviting in all the 60s radicals who never completed their education because of their legal "issues" and such to complete their degree programs. They even set up scholarships to help with the process, funded by "progressive" alums, ones that kept their noses clean and now ran their daddy's companies or inherited the family money. Some professors who weren't too keen on that program say that those "students" didn't do the normal coursework to get their degrees--but no matter. We all heard the stories of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn holding court at Columbia. One of the supplicants that managed to get a private audience (and the buzz was that it was hard to get) was Barack Obama, fresh from his Occidental stint. All the radicals were treated as rock stars on campus and were used in the various fundraising programs. After that meeting with Bill and Bernadine they immediately took him under their wings--something there is no record of them having done with anyone else.
    Is his "real" story THAT compelling? [a communist functionary mother from a communist family with no record of any consequence and an African father, a minor socialist economist of no note involved with the Mau Mau and later a corrupt pro-Soviet dictator.] My personal suspicion is that Barack, or someone else close to him, started a rumor that he was the secret son of Malcolm Little (X). Why else would he be treated as progressive "royalty" for most of his life? (Stanley Ann Dunham and Malcolm Little were at the same events at times through the organizations that funded Obama Sr.'s American education and Kenyan events involving Thomas Mboya.) These people are so stupid that Barack could probably give a wink and smile when asked and do that "I can't talk about it" hand wave, and get away with it. Is that why Larry Tribe at Harvard created a special program for Barack after a couple minutes of talking with him on the first day of class, saying that he immediately recognized that Barack was a big-picture kind of guy never destined to be involved with the grunt and detail work of the law, so he created a program to set him on his destiny's course? Really? After couple of minutes? Did anyone else ever escape the long hours in the law library writing those legal memoranda and briefs?

    Long story short--do I believe it? I really don't care.
    It would make no difference to me if he were or weren't. What matters is his accomplishments. But I do believe that the American Left is that stupid.
    When they see the picture in the Washington post (whether it's the paper's mistake or Reuters), they get the old tingle running up and down their legs and give each other a win and a smile. It was intended to bring a smile to the face of the Left after the drubbing they took in the election. The "dream" is on schedule. We are still the ones we have been waiting for. Destiny is ours! Gag. Puke.

  3. Don't forget the time change--set you clocks back one hour.

  4. Windows on my computer changed its time last weekend. I cought that, and reset it to the proper time. But, sometime later (I'm thinking this past Friday or Saturday) it changed the time again ... I didn't catch that, and so I missed an appointment Saturday morning.

  5. Well, Ilion, that stinks!

    I can see that having some bad info in the program would make the system come off of Daylight Savings Time on the wrong date, but why would it change the time twice?

  6. I don't know why it would change itself a second time, but it has done it before.

    The appointment was minor, and I can reschedule, so it's not a huge deal.

    I was watching videos on Hulu on Saturday morning (the appointment was for 11:15), and so I was checking the PC time to know when to get ready to leave the house.

  7. That darn Hulu! (Anything good?) ;)

  8. Either, I was finally finishing up (I'd started it weeks ago) a SciFi show called "Starhunter 3000" ... which was so-so by an objective measure. But, if the measure is what's typically available on TV (or Hulu), it was pretty good.

    Or, I was watching some show from Korea (with English subtitles) that was by turns fairly good and pretty formulaic, and sweet and morally reprehensible.

  9. Hmm. The book you were talking about sounds like the best option.

  10. Hey, Cold Comfort Farm is going on tonight! Should be fun!!

    I'm not posting worth beans. I can't get the darn g-mail photo upload to work, so I can't transfer the photo to the blog, and messing around has cost me some time. That Murkowski photo was begging for a post. And I'm supposed to be working - that plays a role. Anyway, I'll get going again soon.

    But watch the show!!