Friday, November 5, 2010

George Jonas Optomistic Over Mixed Results

Ruling Class note a curious fin following their leisurely paddle into history.
Canadian author and seer George Jonas made a few predictions just before our mid-term election, landing pretty much spot on. But it's the tenor of his words that are so encouraging:
From the day he ascended the bridge, he kept steaming on a collision course with the iceberg of economic reality, surrounded by monstrous chunks of baby bergs floating in the frigid waters of foreign policy, utterly unperturbed.

Is Obama mistaking a luxury liner for an icebreaker? Let's not go there. I can't hope to analyze in a few hundred words a complex emotional and intellectual phenomenon of a type that recurs in history, once summarized by George Canning, Britain's prime minister for a brief period in 1827, at a time when politicians still wrote verse, as

"A steady patriot of the world alone
The friend of every nation but his own."

He's got him exactly. And who else but Jonas would be quoting a little known British Prime Minister from 1827? Read the rest here.

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