Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obama Pulls Out A Mickey

The President's sincere concern is sincerely appreciated.
President Obama proposed freezing Federal worker's pay for the next two years, in a display of 'serious intent' to address the massive Federal debt that he has buried the nation in.
"Small businesses and families are tightening their belts," Obama said in brief remarks at the White House. "The government should, too."
You kinda wished he had thought of that two years ago before he started on these multiple TARPs and bailouts and billion dollar road projects, shovel ready or not.
John Gage, president of the 600,000-member American Federation of Government Employees, called the decision "a slap at working people. ... To symbolically hit at federal employees I think is just wrong."
Well, its a good start though.
"We're going to do everything we can to make this not happen and to explore all our options," said Colleen Kelley head of the 150,000-member National Treasury Employees Union.
And I am sure the President is counting on you, Colleen. Truth is, this comes out just before Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb announce their recommendations for deficit reductions, which are sure to have raising taxes on the beleaguered American economy as a central theme.

The president is counting on the fact in presenting himself as concerned about the deficit we will forget the billions upon billions of dollars that he has spent.

Don't count on it, Barry.  It's kind of hard to get excited about a guy talking about the importance of the Fire Department when he is standing there with a box of matches in his hand.


  1. Good points, James. I am happy with this change of course.

  2. Ahfff! Coco, Coco, Coco! The President's serious intent? I see I am far too vague. How serious can Mr. Obama be? He is about as serious over decreasing runaway Federal expenditures as Lindsay Lohan is about leading a life of sobriety. Less serious, I would venture, because Lindsay has bumped into reality a time or two, and she finds she didn't care for jail. No jail for this guy. Though the reality he faced was the very real devastation his party experienced in the November elections, what evidence is there that he cares? In my view the proposed Federal wage freeze is all show. He doesn't care a twit about it, and most likely is confident it will never happen. The point for him is to appear ready to take interest in thinking about possibly taking actions on something that conservatives would support, so that he has the moral advantage over those same conservatives when his Blue Ribbon Panel tells him we need a VAT tax or the repeal of the home mortgage deduction or some such. The guy is a poser.

    That house burning down - who showed up to watch with matches in their hand? Just because he speaks the praises of the Fire Department doesn't mean he hates fire. Some people just like to watch things burn.

  3. You are right. What was I thinking? I drank the Kool-Aid for a moment there. Good points. Thank you for slapping me into my senses. Being dead and resurrected so many times, now as a Mario Lopez lookalike, has taken a toll on my brain.

  4. Too funny! And I had to take you to task over at the Coco Cabana! Yikes. Still a big fan though.

  5. Haven't federal salaries already increased under Obama by record levels--and ridiculous percentage increases in some instances , like 50%? Seems to be an odd time to shut the barn door after the stock is out. A freeze? Fine. After a rollback to 2008 salary levels. These clowns are always saying they can be much better in the private sector, so let's see them put up or shut up.

  6. "These clowns are always saying they can be much better in the private sector, so let's see them put up or shut up."

    In the immortal words of NJ Governor Christie: "Here, let me help you pack."

  7. You gotta love Christie, and Darrell is also pointing out the disingenuous nature of the President's "proposal". Not only is it unlikely that this pay freeze "proposal" will be put into place, but the Federalies have already seen an enormous ballooning of their salaries, so standing pat is merely leaving tax payers on the hook, not getting them off.

  8. While Obama’s plan would stop the annual across-the-board cost of living adjustment (COLA) for all federal workers, it will not stop workers from getting raises altogether. The freeze will not affect pay raises for job classification upgrades. As an official at the Office of Management and Budget told Federal News Radio, “employees will still be eligible for step increases.”

    Step promotions — also known as “within-grade increases” — are mandated by statute. They are nearly automatic as long as an employee performs his job adequately. The law governing federal employee pay states, “a within-grade increase shall be effective on the first day of the first pay period following completion of the required waiting period and in compliance with the conditions of eligibility.”

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