Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Festival!

Tis the season to sit by the fire, get a warm blanket and watch our favorite Christmas shows!

See if you can identify where the following photos were taken from, and put in your pick for this season's Chrsitmas spectacular!


# 10





  1. I love it!

    #1 Got it.
    #2 Got it.
    #3 Nope.
    #4 Got it. :)
    #5 (no image)
    #6 Got it.
    #7 Nope.

    No hints from me - you guys are one your own. But I'm happy to have two new movies to add to my list, assuming Jim publishes the answer key eventually...

    In the meantime, I'll try to narrow down my "favorites" to 3 or 4. :)

  2. I'm not sure which number goes to which photo. Let me number them all. On any of these the image can kick out at any time, so I will replace them with others from the same movie, kind of like giving a hint I suppose. Oh, and I'll likely add another couple of entries. And of course there can be more than one photo from the same movie. : )

  3. Hmm! They were al in a line first time I looked. Labels are good. :) (Keep adding!)
    #1 OK
    #2 OK
    #3 nope
    #4 OK
    #5 OK
    #6 (no image -- different one!)
    #7 OK
    #8 nope
    #9 OK

  4. Well, you are doing really well, but with Thanksgiving upon us it is time for us to start.

    Something about large department stores, toy departments and toy trains always makes me think of Christmas. Thus I am going to lead off with a little known favorite of mine, a light Christmas romantic comedy starring Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh seen in photo #3, available on Netflix, the enjoyable "Holiday Affair".

  5. Lovely! It's one I've never seen! I'll put it at the top of my queue.

  6. I suppose it had to happen ... Netflix gave me the dreaded "Short wait" notation on my Holiday Affair order. Back to Blockbuster!

  7. I'd add The Bishop's Wife, if only because
    Loretta Young is so darn cute.

  8. At the risk of SPOILER-ing --

    is #8 The Family Stone?

  9. Hold your cursor over the photo, Cathy, and look at the url at the bottom of your screen in the task bar. Kind of like Harvard for some people, isn't it?

  10. But, Darrell, that would be cheating!