Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mohamed Mohamud Fails to get his Christmas Wish

"Ho, Ho, Ho, the bomb didn't blow!!!"
After two years of reaching out to the world, correcting the strong,  stern tone of George Bush and replacing that with the new smoothness of our current president, it appears the target audience has been unmoved.

An example of the impotence (or perhaps impudence) of Barrack Obama's outreach efforts popped up right here in the Rose City. One Mohamed Mohamud was taken into custody just minutes after pushing the electronic triggering device that he thought would ignite a van filled with explosives, intending to kill, maim and injure thousands of people he didn't even know. In fact, that was the beauty of it, or so Mohamud thought.
"I want whoever is attending that event to leave either dead or injured"

That's a nice sentiment. And he told this to an undercover FBI agent who had just warned him that his little bomb experiment would kill a great many children.

His goal:
A "huge mass ... attacked in their own element with their families celebrating the holidays."

Yes, their families about them bringing in the Christmas season, while Mohamed hides, hoping to kill and maim as many kids as he could.

The FBI's arresting officers captured Mohamud at the Portland Train Station, which he had calculated would be a safe enough distance away to detonate the explosive charges while avoiding any risk to himself. Shouting, kicking and screaming at the FBI agents, a distraught and disheartened Mohamud had this one message for Mr. Obama:
"Allah Akbar!!"
Meanwhile, his former neighbors were in shock:
“I’m in shock,” said Stephanie Napier, who lived across the street from the family until they moved away about a year ago. “They are good, good people.”
Yes, well personally, I do not find myself to be in shock. I am not shocked in the least. What I find shocking is that anyone could be surprised.

"What's that you say, that Islamic neighbor of mine, the Somali, what's his name.  It kind of had a rhyme to it.  Oh yes, Mohamed Mohamud.  He tried to blow up a bomb at Pioneer Courthouse Square.  Unbelievable!"

It is a particularly stubborn form of stupidity we have cultivated here.
“He made a bad choice,” Napier said. “But don’t racially profile the family. Who would have thought that he would have done this?”
Is filling five 55 gallon drums with explosives, placing them in the back of a van and parking the van at a public park intending to blow it up at a Christmas Tree lighting what we call these days a bad choice?

Who indeed?


  1. The apologists have already started, shouting "Entrapment!" and "FBI foils its own plot!" I remind people to look for the part where he laughed at the maiming of children at the bomb site. Our children. Too bad that in this world, his treatment now will be a lot kinder and gentler. I wonder if they have chipper/shredders in Hell.

  2. Darrell, these are good, good people.

  3. Of course they are good, good people -- they "recycle," drive Pruses and voted for The Won!

  4. What's going on here? How is it that they are so slow to pick up on what is happening? The shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, the Toronto 18? Mohamid Mohamud is a naturalized US citizen whose parent object to violent islam, and yet no pattern is discerned on the part of Stephanie Napier. Juan Williams is fired for confusing that blatent islamists make him nervous and the public by and large is told the greatest concern is a racial(?) backlash against Muslims in the US.

    Seeing how in happier times I might have taken my daughters to the tree lighting ceremony, I have more pressing concerns than whether or not people here will feel anger toward Muslims.