Thursday, April 21, 2011

Warren Sees Governing Class Loyalties In Question

As our national leaders work to address fundamental issues of financial solvency and the growing economic dependence that threaten to destroy our very nation, many of us our confronted by an unresponsive ruling class that is primarily driven by a desire to maintain position in office. David Warren comments on the similar dilemma faced by Canadians:
"Each politician pretends to be "a man of the people," when he is really a man of the governing class, whose routine interests are those of his class. It is an unedifying spectacle, in which candour is seldom on display. And when it is displayed, it is gravely punished."
Good stuff. Read the whole thing here.


  1. Until Reagan changed everything, our own governing class had long since morally and intellectually surrendered to Communism; they were in the mode of "managing the decline" while getting for themselves what they could while they could.

    They've reverted to that mindset, merely pointed it at a different object.

  2. Well, you know, Nicholas, I'm just as irked ;-)