Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's April Gavaza Been Up To Lately?

Writing great posts, of course.

Not writing at Hyacinth Girl much anymore, but still as much fun as ever.

Never a partilularly cautious writer, she might start out a piece with a giant link line something like this:
And this is why the UN Human Rights Council is a total crock of shit.
to be followed with:
I'm never shocked by the depths to which the UN will sink, but surely you liberal/progressive jackasses who always post lengthy articles on the human rights abuses of America and other civilized nations on my Facebook wall can see that this is wrong. That is this pathetic, pussy behavior on the part of the UN. Assad's people are shooting mourners at the funerals of the other people they shot. Who else is disgusted that Syria isn't laughed out of the UN for even attempting to join that council?

Writing interesting, thought provoking pieces is standard fair for fan favorite April Gavaza, our original "Fun Read".

Check out her new stuff over at Inveterate Scars.


  1. To tell you the truth, she's so darn smart I haven't had the gumption to comment over there.

    But we really should!

    Sign in here and let me know if you have been over to April's new blog. And Gold stars to those of you who drop her a comment!

  2. ...she's so darn smart...

    Heck, I never let a little thing like that stop me!

    *uncomfortable silence*

  3. Tee hee. : )

    Hey, a gold star to me, thank you very much.

  4. In college there was a guy in my dorm from Hawaii named Thomas Hee. Chinese guy, very serious student.

    T. Hee

    : )

  5. Hey, I've been commenting there all along. When I have something to say. And even when I don't.

  6. I know, but you still deserve a Gold star. In fact, that Bond comment deserved two!

  7. I appreciate them, Jim.
    I just have a little trouble cutting them out of
    my monitor. And I'm beggining to think that it may cause future problems as well.

  8. I was this close to going over there and just leaving a comment saying 'I'm only doing this to get a gold star' but I fear she'd skin me alive.
    Can I have one anyway for being such a puss? It's an endearing trait in the modern male, I'm told - in moderation, at least.

  9. No, I'm sorry, but we are a tad more traditional here at What the...?!, and Gold stars require a bit of gumption. For heaven sakes Bedes, if anyone can keep up with April Gavaza certainly you can. Now go on, be the charming man we all know you can be and drop her a couple of comments. It will go a long way to brightening her day, which she well deserves.

  10. V Bede, ask April to show you her pictures lifting weights in a sundress. I'll give you my stars if you share.