Friday, April 29, 2011

George Jonas Ponders Green Pie In The Sky

As the air rushes out of the global warming balloon, the economic costs of green policies are beginning to be calculated. Citing a paper written by Kenneth P. Green and Ben Eisen for the Winnipeg-based think-tank Frontier Centre, George Jonas castes his gaze upon the utter economic destruction such policies are costing.
"A study released this week concludes that government “green-job” programs aren’t the yellow-brick road to happiness in Europe. Green programs in Spain destroyed 2.2 jobs for every job created, while the capital needed for one green job in Italy could create five new jobs in the general economy."
What about all that baloney Obama's been spouting about green energy and green jobs for the future?
This week Green-Eisen conclude that "far from generating a new source of economic growth, job creation and government revenue, Spain has found its foray into renewable energy to be unsustainable."
Unsustainable. That's pretty much the situation Obama has going for us here.


  1. All this talk of, and concentration on, "creating" "jobs" is one of the main fonts of this on-going farce.

    When politicians talk about, and distract the public with their talk of, "creating" "jobs" what they're really talking about is taking wealth from many ppersons, who are either politically unorganized and/or weak, and transfering it to a few persons, who are politically organized and/or powerful.

    This process of "creating" "jobs" by political means destroys wealth and creates no wealth.

  2. Green has always been red.
    And you know how productive those red jobs are.
    Plenty of time to stand in lines trying to buy something, though. I wonder if they take Obama memorabilia on the black market? I bet they want gold now. . .

  3. "Green has always been red."

    I didn't buy that at first, even though I kept hearing Rush make that same declaration, but it turns out that's exactly on the money.

  4. Sarkari Naukri--

    Hope you have plenty of jobs in India for all of us, too! Stay away from Socialism and you will.

  5. Jim,
    I saw the connection in the early sixties. Always pay attention to the signs and the slogans. Most of the early groups in Europe, England particularly, were financed directly by the KGB. Just seed money, of course. The lambs being led to slaughter raised their own money in short order--and the Soviets never liked long-term aid projects. The whole point was to shut down industry, and hence Capitalism in the West. Everything was full-bore in the Soviet Union without a single measure to control pollution. There are whole areas that are so polluted now they can't be inhabited for many years to come.

    Seeing those "Green" signs and slogans everywhere
    makes me sick. I avoid companies falling into that trap. More Americans should cringe every time they see that as well. If not for the inculcation in the school system, they would.

  6. I had to give Sarkari Naukri the hook. I wasn't convinced his enthusiasm for the discussion was legitimate.

    As to the greenies, Jonas goes on to offer:

    "Like many millennial movements, the Greens started out as a mixed bag. They included concerned citizens, calculating statists and hysterical sentimentalists. Some were sober and practical enough, trying to identify genuine problems; others had a variety of issues and agendas, espousing or pretending to espouse the Earth's cause with religious fervour. Masquerading as scientists, spouting scientific jargon and aping scientific methods, they caught the fancy of the zeitgeist, gradually advancing from the partisans of the Earth to its administrators and police."

    George didn't offer the Russian investment, but I am sure he is aware of it as you have said.